Family Urges Others to Make Surprise Visits to Nursing Homes After Mom Is Found Alone ‘Gasping for Breath’

After the child on a 80-year old patient revealed he found her bent over on a desk with her head in the pillow in an office, choking by her very own saliva, a nursing home in Ohio is elevating concerns.

When the accident happened, Esther Brown was getting nursing home care and helped living care at Altercare Nobles Pond in Canton, and her son, James, was with the family’s pastor when he chose to visit the nursing home, but this time unexpectedly.

During the visit that was late at night, he found Esther face down in a pillow while in a private room all by herself.

The crippling sight made their pastor, Julia Wiggins, share two jolting photographs of the older lady to convince the families of the other patients to make surprising visits to nursing homes and check on their family and friends that are in there.

In a Facebook post, Wiggins reported she had taken James home to put on something else, and when they returned, Esther was moved to a private room.

She said that she had seen something toward the edge of the nurses’ station, and when they moved toward the subject, they found out it was Mother Esther Brown, face down into a big and soft pillow drowning in her own saliva and struggling to breathe. She also said that they began slamming into doors and shouting for help for around 5-10 minutes before somebody came to help them.

As her son started crying, her mom heard his voice, and attempted with all her strength to raise her head. They couldn’t recognize that it was a person when they saw the view at first. Julia says she at first she thought it was a cat that they had gotten.

This unpleasant situation made her to convince other individuals to visit the nursing homes, especially in the nights, to make sure that their friends and family get the care they need.

She reported that nobody was listening, and the people working there might have been preparing for a home service care. Also the told that she called the executive director on Saturday night, and the first call that got back to her was on Monday morning.

Her posted photographs rapidly went viral and quickly urged an investigation with the Ohio Department of Aging and Ohio Department of Health.

However, some of the people that worked at the healthcare center and CNAs said that the lady may have been put in such a position at the care center for her own safety, as dementia patients can have incredible dexterity and strength, which can lead to this kind of situation.

Besides that, the family requested from the care center to investigate the matter.

After the family filed a complaint against Altercare Nobles Pond, the care center responded that they were told about the situation on February 15, 2019, and have followed the convention set up with respect to any claim, including promptly announcing the concern to the Ohio Department of Health and finishing an internal  examination.

The Browns are certain their beloved one was neglected over there, and the health and care department focus are investing their charges.

Watch the video to hear the story told by Esther’s family:


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