NO New Study Reveals That Men Who Marry Plus-size Women are Happy

Females across the world are torturing themselves with deprivation and starvation. Simply they are obsessed with the picture of their body.

It is absolutely not true that there is a study which claims that, men who are married to plus-size women are happier, than those that get married to slim women! There was no study that was comparing the levels of happiness of men that were based on the sizes of their wives. 

This is absurd, it was fabricated, and this psychological study was never even done at the Mexican University credited with the research.

This false claim at first was published on Spanish-language websites in 2017, and recently in an article (that is archived here) where a Kenyan website posted it on August 21, of 2018 that went under the title of ‘New Study Reveals That Men Who Marry Plus-Size Women Are Happy’. It Stated:

Most of the time women are misjudged on the basis of their physical appearance and their size.

However, there is a new study that reveals that men who marry plus-size women are a lot happier than those who are getting married to slim women.

Conclusions of the research that was conducted by Dr.Filemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in the department of psychology, have indicated that the plus-sized women are a lot more affectionate and open, which is making them more hence, happy and involving in a relationship.

According to the research, the men of the plus-sized women are 10 times happier, than the ones who are married to slim women.

This is what users on social media saw:

Most of the time, plump women are often misjudged on the basis of their size and physical appearance.However, there…

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Lead Stories isn’t saying something regarding the satisfaction factor question, however we can call this report false dependent on the way that there is no such research. 

Likewise, there is no Dr. Filemón Alvarado or Dr. Edgardo Morales in the brain research division of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. This story and every single other form neglect to give a connect to the examination. An exhaustive hunt of the college’s site didn’t find it. Heaps of Googling didn’t turn it up. In any case, we will impart to our readers a greater amount of this fictional report. 

Secondly, the plus-sized women are said to be shining with positivity, which is infectious.

Thirdly, the survey demonstrated that the plump women grin more and are better at handling problems. 

Finally, the balanced ladies were seen as better at foreseeing their accomplice needs and consequently make a decent couple. 

The exploration noticed that thin ladies are frequently saved, all the more unpleasant and less expressive with their feelings making them hard nuts to separate seeing someone. 

In perspective on the above discoveries, the analysts reasoned that men who wed full ladies live more, grin more and are constantly glad in their connections and general lives.

While the end of the Kenyan story was put here, another version found online, which listed 9 reasons why the plus-sized women, were making their husbands 10 times happier.

  • They’re not trying to lose weight, which means there are more eating out opportunities.
  • These women don’t put extra pressure on their partners, to be fit.
  • They give the perfect hugs, because they are better to hug.
  • They are a lot funnier, and people that laugh together are happy couples. And happier couples tend to have a longer and healthier relationship.
  • They love food, and men want to chow down with their parents.
  • They’re better cooks, and we know the secret that, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  • These women tend to be sweeter, simply because there’s more to love.


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