Filmmakers “Stood There Crying” As They Helplessly Captured A Polar Bear Starving

When we hear or read about the disastrous impacts of climate change on wildlife and our environment, it seems to be abstract and remote, but things quickly become real when we see what it does to animals, especially to polar bears.

There is no verification that polar bears are starving because of climate change yet a lot of proof proposes that warming is causing sea ice to decrease, and it is their primary chasing ground.

As per a recent report, the polar bear populace in the southern Beaufort Sea had decreased 40% because of the loss of sea ice, and another 2017 investigation led by the US Geological Survey and the University of Wyoming demonstrated that bears are additionally spending more vitality strolling over a “treadmill” of floating sea ice brought about by warming, so they need more food to redress.

Paul Nicklen is a researcher who experienced childhood in Canada’s far north and has in the long run turned into an untamed life picture taker. He is no more bizarre to bears and has seen in excess of 3,000 bears in nature.

Be that as it may, when he and movie producers from protection bunch Sea Legacy touched base on Somerset Island, close to the bigger Baffin Island, in the Canadian Arctic, he saw a standout amongst the most awful sights throughout his life.

They saw a destitute polar bear on its deathbed, and they remained there crying, with tears moving down their cheeks as they were taping it. The white hair of the bear flaccidly secured its slight, hard casing, and it hauled one of the back legs as it strolled, most likely because of muscle decay.

The polar bear was looking for food, and it gradually scavenged through a close-by trashcan utilized regularly by Inuit fishers. When it discovered nothing, it resignedly crumpled down onto the ground.

Despite the fact that the video is very sad and painful to watch, Nicklen chose to share it so as to demonstrate to other people what it resembles when researchers state that polar bears are going extinct, and they will starve to death.


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