Losing A Pet Can Hurt As Much As, Sometimes Even More Than, Losing A Friend Or Relative

If you own a pet, then you really know how much happiness and joy these beings bring in our lives, their love for us is unconditional, and they are always the brightest one in our home.

Pets are keeping perfect company, they welcome us at the door, enthusiastically sitting and waiting for us to have some time to play with them, they can play out various tricks and traps to make us laugh, they really love kids and they are the ones that are offering a ton of love.

losing a pet hurts more than people think1 Losing A Pet Can Hurt As Much As, Sometimes Even More Than, Losing A Friend Or Relative

Pets are dependably there for us when we are feeling lonely, when we need a warm hug and some comfort, and when we are happy that life can at times be too lovely to be true.

This clarifies why individuals find it too hard to even consider saying goodbye to their pets. The death of a pet is the hardest, most painful and traumatic experience, as it is the takeoff of our best friend.

Various individuals are underestimating the pain felt when losing a a cat or a dog, or some other pet, so analysts examined the degree of sorrow owners feel in these situations.

The investigation was done in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico. Analysts interrogated pet proprietors concerning their emotions after the loss of their pet, and they all concurred that the agony has been excessively deep and intense.

Strangely, Hawaiian scientists have even discovered that the pain after the passing of a pet lats a lot longer, than the pain we feel when we lose a loved one.

A lot of people concur that they can’t look at the pain they have after the loss of their pet to the one after the passing of a friend or family member.

This must be clarified by the way that pet owners are profoundly bonded with their loved pets, and they are suffering because of the loss of their soul mate.



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