Dutch Company Unveils World’s First Prefab House Built Entirely of Cannabis

A versatile variety of the cannabis plant is the Hemp, which can be used in many different ways, from industrial building materials and bio-fuel to clothing and food. Hemp doesn’t contain any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), so its ingestion or use cannot make you “high”.

But also it can be used in the building of a secure, affordable, sustainable and economical housing. This is a progressive home which was built by Dun Argo, which is a Dutch company specializing in “hemp concrete”, which is also known as “hempcrete”, made from glue, fibers, hemp and water.

This mixture is pressed all together in a mold, and then it is left to dry for about three months. After that, every section that is needed for the home is assembled.

The hemp houses take just a piece of the time houses of that estimate for the most part take to be made, and in the meantime, earthquake-resistant and durable.

Dun Agro claims that the principle benefit of purchasing a hemp house is the negative CO2 impression, as hemp takes on 13,500 kilos of CO2 when it is growing and it remains stored in the hempcrete.

The company put its hemp home on display on November 30th 2018, and plans to produce and sell more hemp homes soon, assessing that it can create up to 500 of them yearly.

Despite the fact that it isn’t the first to try to build such a house, the company asserts that it is the first to have succeeded in the process.

So, in these times where there are many countries that are dealing with housing crisis, and a lot of people in the third world experience crisis of resource deficit and financial issues, when we talk about housing.

This company, which is eco-friendly is offering an invaluable and unique solution, and that solution is in the form of hemp houses!


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