1 Million Children Get Together And Meditated For World Peace In Thailand

One million children joined the Buddhist annual meditation – V-Star Change The World, which occurred at the Phra Dhammakaya temple somewhere near Bangkok.

This so called V-Star children’s project first took place in the World Orality Revival Project, which was initiated by the abbot of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Buddhist Temple, Luang Phor Dhammachyao.

Previously, the temple has pulled in debate, as critics kept up that the meditation practice is just for show, and others comparing its exercises to a religion. However, the objective of the task was for younger students to met up and bolster one another while doing great deeds consistently.

These children originate from 7000 schools in Thailand and different pieces of the world. The occasion happens once per year and began in 2008. Children meet up in meditation and prayer, to express their desires for good and prosperity, planning to mend the injuries of Mother Earth, realized by humankind. The more kids send positive vibrations into the universe, the greater the impact of this program will be.

Meditation is an approach to break up the sense of self so as to open one’s maximum capacity. It is accepted to stir the existence power that moves through our bodies.

From the scientific point of view, meditation expands the electromagnetic energy created by the human body, and in this manner improves its capacity. As everything is comprised of electromagnetic energy, a mass meditation event, for example, this one effectively releases positive vibes.

When all is said in done, any push to think decidedly and wish great to everybody is an enormous advance towards a superior world. Introducing children with great ethics and qualities is the most ideal approach to raise positive mindful grown-ups, which will without a doubt advantage the world on the loose.

There is one all inclusive principle, and in the event that we as a whole met up, and work to co-make our existence together, we can doubtlessly improve the world we are living in. From a cash situated world, brimming with debasement, shrewdness, eagerness, and divisions, we can transform it into a tranquil spot where we would all be able to live peace and love.

In fact, even the most dramatic and biggest change is starting inside you.

We have unlimited power, and if we use that power to fight against negativity and stand against it, each one of us will find the light!


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