Seattle Woodworker Creates Stunning Bathtubs Using Marine Technology

Nathie Katzoff, an architect of NK Woodworking, is making a wooden bathtub simply into a work of art, which is worth more than $30,000.

This skilled architect is creating artwork from wood, and he has made pretty amazing things with wood, and these tubs are just a part of that. He has a boat building background, which makes him the best in this job of creating these wonderful bathtubs.

One of the most important things about these wooden bath tubs is that, the wood is insulating far better than the common materials that are used, such as metal or porcelain, therefore the water remains warmer a lot longer.

Every single one of these wooden bath tubs costs him hundreds of hours to craft and gleams with a composite finish, which has its roots in excellent restoration and woodworking skills of this man.

He is simply doing the impossible from exotic wood, he is taking his experience from the boat-making skills, and uses it in bath-production, which is how he makes these exotic wooden bath tubs.

He reported that they are using the Sapele mahogany as the popular wood of choice, and they are planning to be the Maserati or Steinway of bathtubs.


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