Keanu Reeves Has Been Running a Secret Cancer Foundation to Fund Children’s Hospitals

One of the most revolutionary works of art that has ever came out of Hollywood was The Matrix series. Its anti-authoritarian, pro-humanity message quickly made it a classic, and ever since it has become an internet sensation, a subject for memes and alike movements. The main role of this silver-screen revolution is Keanu Reeves, who is like superhero in the movie, but his real life role is far more incredible.

It is not a secret that Keanu Reeves is the biggest low-key real life super hero in Hollywood, but do you know that he is also funding children’s hospital secretly?

Well we didn’t, and most people probably haven’t heard of this either, as this upcoming star of the science fiction thriller Replicas, is not boastful of his own contributions to the society, which is unlike any celebrity in Hollywood.

Reeves is modest to the point that he runs a private foundation which helps malignant growth research and youngsters’ emergency clinics around the nation. This Hollywood genius is unpretentious to the point that he’s in reality just discussed it one time and in a meeting with a ladies’ magazine who had an inside track and gotten some information about it.

Reeves want to help those with malignant growth could emerge out of the way that his sister was determined to have leukemia around 1991. Subsequent to fighting it for about 10 years, Kim Reeves went into abatement in 1999.

“I love Kim,” Keanu said to Woman’s Day in 1999. “She’s very brave, and I need the absolute best for her. You can star in hit movies, however that is nothing contrasted with experiencing what Kim’s experienced.”

“Keanu helped me very much through my sickness,” Kim told the magazine in the meeting.

“At the point when the agony got downright terrible, he would sit with me and hold my hand, and keep the ‘bad man’ from making me dance. He was supporting me and soothing me constantly, when he was away it was the same.”

In 2009, ten years after the Woman’s Day talk with, Reeves reported about his beneficent work with children’s clinics. In a Ladies Home Journal article distributed in 2009, he said he had begun a private charitable foundation years back:

“I have a private foundation that has been running for five or six years, and it helps help two or three kids’ emergency clinics and malignant growth inquire about. I don’t care to join my name to it, I simply let the foundation do what it does.”

Reeves financing a system of youngsters’ clinics and malignant growth research should not shock anyone as he’s been ‘got’ doing surprisingly sympathetic deeds over the previous years.

The following is a rundown TFTP announced a year ago that was Redditors ordered of tributes from individuals who guarantee their lives have been moved by Reeves and noted multiple times this Hollywood legend has satisfied the “Bill and Ted’s” motto of “be good and kind to one another.”

Here are 10 amazing things Keanu Reeves has done, and is still doing which are simply acts of kindness and generosity, like no other Hollywood celebrity has ever done:

1. Reeves would rather wait in the rain than cause a scene or inconvenience others.

2. The Hollywood legend has been recorded giving his seat on the subway – because he’s a gentleman.

3. Reeves put his own money back into the Matrix movies so he could ensure the employment of the crew.

4. Reeves was captured on video simply being a friend to a homeless man.

5. Reeves stands accused of being a regular guy, who likes to chill and who may also be a mythological being.

6. When he’s not buying people things, starting a revolution or giving people rides, he is a genuinely nice person who makes everyone around him happy.

7. Reeves was alleged to have bought Harley Davidson Motorcycles for the entire special effects crew on the Matrix.

8. Reeves was reported to have driven a woman 50 miles out of his way because her car broke down.

9. Reeves reportedly gave $20,000 to a crew member of the Matrix because he knew he was having family problems.

10. Reeves would routinely buy lunch for all the workers on the sets of his movies.

Sunshine also added:

“Keanu looks like every ordinary man. It was raining heavily, and he was just waiting for his friends to come and pick him up. He was not acting like a rich man or a celebrity star. “

Also the owner of the club Noel Ashman, reported:

“He is a very calm and relaxed man. When he was in the club once, he found a credit card, so he went to the DJ booth and made an announcement that he found the credit card, and wanted to return it to the owner, which is amazing!”


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