This Woman Lost 185 Pounds In One Year By Cutting Back On Added Sugars and Carbs

Can you believe it that she has done it without even going a single time to the gym?

Maggie Wells weighted more than 300 pounds at 34 years old. She was having health issues from being overweight, but that’s not the thing that scared her the most.

Maggie reported for Good Morning America:

“I was not afraid that i might die from my weight, but I was afraid that if something happened, my children wouldn’t have any pictures from me to remember me.”

For many years Maggie was embarrassed to be in the family photos, which was one of the main reasons why she wanted to make a big change in her life and lifestyle. It was January, 2018 when Maggie decided to cut off all the added sugars in her diet, and also try to reduce the intake of carbohydrates as much as possible. During the first month, she lost about 24 pounds. And when she saw that it was possible, she took things seriously, and she was going one day at a time.

Rather then focusing or losing 20 pounds or even 200 pounds, she was focused on only 24 hours, she reported for the GMA. She was only thinking that she just needs to get through the next 24 hours and that’s it. And if she wanted some food or drink that she would have it tomorrow.

After gaining the needed discipline about the food, she started a ketogenic diet, low-carb and high-fat diet that has helped many people to lose weight. She was not focused on expensive and hard-to-find foods, her main components of her meals were eggs, veggies and meat. And she’s the one that you can be on a healthy diet, that’s affordable for any budget.

Now, Maggie has lost 185 pounds, and that is simply because she is choosing carefully what she takes inside her body. And now that she has a more comfortable weight, she can start exercising, which is what she did, she fount an exercise routine that fits her perfectly.

Maggie also said:

“I feel at least 15 years younger, I cannot describe how easier it is, I feel like a whole new person. I have cleansed my mind as well, and now it is like I have a new lease on my life.”

She also had the confidence to make her own Facebook page, in which she is posting photos of her progress, and some documentation from her journey. She is confident enough to post unedited photos of her progress. Many people would say, what’s the goal in posting pictures of her progress? Well, she simply wants to encourage others, and tell them that, loosing that much weight is not impossible, and anybody could do it!

She is also very honest in her posts, and she also said that she her budget is not allowing her to get under skin removal surgery, therefore that is not an option for her. “When you lose a lot of weight, people can see your real body before, during and after the process”, Maggie said.

It is most important that Maggie has achieved her goals, which has allowed her to be a part of the family photos, and it is most important for her, that her kids will have a picture of her to remember.

Maggie reported:

“I could’ve lived my entire life being a bystander, but now after I’ve made this change, I can be a participant in every chapter of my life, and most importantly in my children’s lives!”


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