Biodegradable Coffee Cups Embedded With Seeds Grow Into Trees When Thrown Away

This idea is amazing, not only that it is useful and effective, but because also it sets a perfect example that anything is possible, if you approach it the right way!

A small group or should we call it a team, in California, USA that call themselves Reduce. Reduce. Grow. has found a way to create a new type of a coffee cup, that has seeds in the walls of the cup. Then when this coffee cup ends on the soil, after a while, the seeds will start to grow, or you can simply plant the cup yourself.

Some thought has obviously gone into this idea (project): One thing that is shrewd about this cup is that the seeds incorporated into the cups will be neighborhood to the area in which the cups are sold, with the goal that the plants developed are proper for the nearby biological system.

With resourcefulness like this it truly may be conceivable to pivot a portion of our most noteworthy waste issues. Styrofoam (another basic material for hot drink compartments) is something of a natural bad dream, separating into littler and littler pieces which overwhelm on the breeze, winding up perhaps eaten by creatures or causing across the board contamination.

Also I’ve recently discovered that a certain part of California, doesn’t have general facilities for styrofoam recycling.

Millions of cups and containers are discharged every year, and we are all aware and we know what kind of a mess we make with that. Therefore this project, and many others like it, should be our top priorities in order to prevent from that garbage discharging!


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