Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication

One of the best ways to express, happiness, joy, love, or even admiration, fear and sadness is through hugging, because this is how two human beings connect emotionally, and show comfort, care and compassion for each other.

A family therapist, Virginia Satir says that we need at least 4 hugs every day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance, and 12 hugs every day for growth!

Hugs are pretty vital for our well-being and health, this was even scientifically proven, and here is why you should receive and give as many hugs as possible, throughout the day:

  • Hugs balance out the nerve system, and the galvanic skin reaction of somebody getting and giving an embrace demonstrates an adjustment in skin conductance. The dampness and power in the skin show a progressively adjusted state in the sensory system – parasympathetic
  • Hugging improves state of mind, expands the dimensions of oxytocin, the “love hormone” or the “bonding hormone”, and prompts euphoria and happiness.
  • Hugging diminishes dread and tension, and a recent report distributed by the Association for Psychological Science demonstrated that touch mitigates dread in individuals with low confidence.
  • Hugs bring down the danger of ailment, as they decrease pressure and forestall its negative impacts. A recent report which included 404 grown-up members found that embraces and social collaboration lower pressure and avoid ailment by supporting the immune system.
  • Hugging loosens up the muscles, and decreases the pressure in the body, reducing torment, and relieving throbs by boosting dissemination into the delicate tissues.
  • Hugging brings down worry by diminishing cortisol levels. A recent report has demonstrated that members who had a 15-minute discussion with their remote accomplice through an actual existence measure huggable humanoid gadget had definitely lower feelings of anxiety than other people who talked through cell phones. Embraces quiet and improve mind-set, and give closeness and warmth.
  • Hugging helps when somebody is lamenting, as it can give genuine comfort, relieves torment, and quiets the spirit, by offering solidarity to go on and get away from the emotional torture.
  • Hugs fortify the immune system, as the delicate weight on the sternum and the enthusiastic charge initiates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which thus animates the thymus organ, and therefore manages and balances the body’s creation of white blood cells.

So, try hugging and be hugged more often, since it is highly beneficial for you, and it costs you nothing. Hugs are also the warmest and most simple way of showing happiness and love, just enjoy life, connect with people, and let them feel your true emotions!


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