Swarm of Bees Follows Car For 2 Days to Rescue Queen Trapped in Back

Bees are highly respectful of their own queen, and 68 year old Carol Howarth, knows about this best. She drives a Mitsubishi, and she parked it in Haverfordwest, Wales, and went to get some groceries from the store.

A big cloud of bees came to the car and they wouldn’t leave the place. Tom Moses, a local got concerned about the bees, and he simply rushed to his phone and called a team of beekeepers.

According to him, he said that he has never seen anything like that before. He was driving in his car, and saw the cloud of bees out of nowhere. People slowed down and even stopped to take pictures of the bees. Tom was really concerned because the cloud of bees was just outside a pub. He was afraid that somebody might get hurt, and also it was dangerous for the bees.

The problems were solved when Carol left from the grocery store and drove away with her car. Bur Carol noticed that the bees are following her car. The next day she had to call the beekeepers again, because the same cloud of bees were on her car.

The beekeepers said that the queen bee was in the car, and she got inside from a tiny gap somehow because something sweet attracted her, explained Roger Burns of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers. More than 20,000 bees were following Carroll’s car and were concentrated on the back of the car.

The beekeepers somehow found a way to let the queen bee out of the car, and reunite her with her fellow bee friends.

Burns said that in his 30 years of beekeeping, this was the strangest thing he has ever seen from bees. He knows that all the bees are following their queen, but he was very surprised to see that they were following here for 2 days. Mother Nature is truly amazing!

What would you do if this happened to your car? Would you be frightened or excited?


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