This New Cinema Is Offering Double Beds Instead Of Regular Seats For An Experience Like Never Before

The reclining seats are the only thing moviegoers don’t like. But there is a movie theater in Switzerland that is offering double beds, in order to make the experience more enjoyable. The cinema lovers simply like to watch the movie in a most cozy and comfortable bed.

But what about the ones that are touchy? The creator of the project believes that this idea will attract people who are watching serials on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Of course hygiene is highly important for this project, so the cinema has the highest standards.

But people have been asking questions like are these beds only for couples, or are you going to be comfortable watching a movie in bed with your colleague. This is somewhere near the Swiss-German border, in the municipality of Spreitenback, and it is considered to be the VIP bedroom inside the Cinema Pathé.

The CEO of the Pathé Switzerland, Venanzio Di Bacco, reported about the hygiene of this place, saying that every bed sheet will be changed with a clean one after every movie. This was previously tested and worked perfectly.

The moviegoers will have the opportunity to pick one out of the eleven double beds in the VIP bedroom screen. Each bed has its own pillow, which is electronically adjustable. The tickets are somewhere around $50 and there is food and drinks included in the price.

If you don’t like to drink or eat during the movie, you can buy a regular ticket that will cost you somewhere around $20. Cinema Pathé VIP areas has a maximum capacity of 350 people, and a theater with double and single sofas. VIDEO

This project of course like every other project has its criticism, people have started worrying about diseases and bed bugs, and that this idea is very bad. But the creator of the project really is happy with the results and testings, and he claims that there will be no problems in the VIP Bedrooms.

What are your thoughts about this project? Would you go with a friend or colleague and watch a movie in the same bed?


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