How to Make a DIY Hanging Cabbage to Keep Your Chickens Entertained

Have you ever thought about having chickens, to take care of them? For the record, chickens are very curious animals, and they get bored very easily, therefore they are always looking for something fun and new to do. This is the main reason why most of the chicken owners, are looking forward to this project which is for chicken entertainment.

Rather then letting the chickens run aimlessly, the owners have been developing and hanging cabbages in the chicken coops, in order to stimulate their natural instincts for foraging. And below you can read how you can make your own Hanging Cabbage.

Hanging Cabbage Warning!

Hanging Cabbages may seem like a silly undertaking, however they really give numerous advantages to chickens kept in a coop or run! In addition to the fact that it provides a spot for nourishment and excitement, however when hung well, this venture urges chickens to move more and get a decent exercise due to giving a difficult sustaining source.

This probably won’t be as vital in summer months when chickens can roam about freely. Notwithstanding, amid the winter when chickens have progressively repressed vitality, it very well may be a fantastic wellspring of nourishment, activity, and excitement.

Anybody endeavoring this undertaking ought to likewise be completely admonished that this task accompanies a little measure of hazard. Some chicken proprietors who’ve endeavored this undertakings recommend you direct your chickens while they play with the cabbage since some have seen chickens eat the twine used to hang the cabbage or get tangled in the rope to the point of damage. As indicated to a person which left a comment,

I went to a chicken visit at the neighborhood grange and the avian vet shared a tale about a chicken w/a separated wing. The proprietor left the chicken unsupervised and found the fowl tangled in the string and hanging by a wing, unfit to contact the ground (potentially throughout the day). Lamentably, when they got the poor thing to the vet, it kicked the bucket on the table. I’m not saying don’t do it, simply be close-by and watch out for them.

The most effective method to Make a Hanging Cabbage

In all honesty, it’s unimaginably simple to make your very own Hanging Cabbage. You should simply pick a decent cabbage, discover a drill, and get a bit of rope sufficiently long to hang it. Start by boring a gap totally through the focal point of the cabbage, through the crucial step or the “center.”

Next, run the rope through the gap. Voila! You’ve made a DIY Hanging Cabbage! The main thing you have left to do is to hang it where your chickens can get to it.

When draping a cabbage in a chicken coop or run, make certain to hang it low enough that your chickens can without much of a stretch peck at it. They probably won’t realize what it is beginning off and may require consolation to taste it. When they’ve experienced the cabbage, raise the cabbage a smidgen so they need to reach up to get it, yet not all that high that they have to hop.

When they’ve aced this progression, don’t hesitate to raise it somewhat more so they need to stretch or bounce to achieve it. That is the last advance! You’ve completed your low-tech chicken rec center and can kick back and watch while your chickens make the most of their engaging feasting background.


As we said, there are some times when the chicken can get caught in the twine, sometimes even eat the twine, or to mistreat the DIY Hanging Cabbage. Follow this project in order to protect all of your chickens, and make sure they are safe.

If this is too risky for you, then feel free to visit a pet store and purchase hanging treat balls, or simply get a nifty wire cabbage hanger. This is only to keep your chickens moving and healthy at the same time, as well as well fed and entertained throughout the day!


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