Teen And Cow Lose At State Fair, Take A Nap Together And Win Hearts Of Millions Instead

A 15 year old boy from Iowa, named Mitchell Miner and his trusty and loving cow Audri were photographed taking a nap together, at the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show.

Even though there are thousands of stories such as this one, how a bond between men and animal can be extraordinary, this one shows just how this boy and his cow have formed this type of bond, which is powerful and full of love, and they showed the world that if you have time and you’re willing to know the animal, it is possible.

Mitchell and his cow Audri did not win a blue ribbon, but quickly after that, they won the hearts of the entire world, through the wonderful photograph, which quickly went viral, the picture even had the attention of Fox News and CBS News, which also gave us a little peek in the lives of the proud and hard-working Mid-Westerners.

As we can see on the picture, both of them were pretty tired, because this was right after the contest, and they woke up at 3 am that day to prepare themselves for the show. They were preparing for weeks before the show as well.

According to the Des Moines Register, Audri and Mitchell spent many weeks preparing for this show, and after a couple of days in a row of early morning waking up, both the cow and the boy were exhausted.

So after the challenge, (with Audri removing fifth spot from 7 candidates!), both chose to take a well-required snooze and a fortunate picture taker (his Dad!) snapped a photograph that paying little respect to whether you were brought up as a city kid or as a nation kid, quickly pulls at your heartstrings.

Despite the fact that Audri didn’t accept the top prize as Mitchell had trusted, he was as yet pleased with the majority of the diligent work the two of them put into dealing with Audri.

This viral reaction to this connecting with photo however caused the Des Moines Register to address, “what is it about the photograph that contacted individuals?”

They had a couple of ideas:

It invoked recollections for individuals of experiencing childhood with a homestead and the adoration and care for they had for their animals while raising them for area fairs and 4-H appears.

It invoked recollections of the diligent work and commitment it takes to wake up at 3 a.m. for your animal.

Individuals referenced the ordinary consideration it takes to demonstrate a animal: washing them, cutting them and strolling them constant.

For other people, it’s the irregular bond that individuals can make with animals that are not at all like them and gauge multiple times more than them.

In any case, the photograph likewise evoked a couple of negative reactions from the online network who pondered what might happen to this photogenic calf once she was made a beeline for the homestead.

Mitchell’s dad, Jeremy responded on social media by reminding everybody that raising farm animals takes love and huge care:

Domesticated animals is raised with more blood, sweat, tears than you will ever comprehend except if you make your living from it. Domesticated animals are raised with their prosperity, being absolutely critical. Their well-being, comfort and prosperity overshadow our own. Whether it’s milk or meat, we realize that sometime in the not so distant future, they will fill hungry paunches. It’s never been about farmers not thinking about animals.

He also added on Facebook:

The issue today is that less and less individuals don’t have the foggiest idea where their sustenance originates from, nor are they willing to acknowledge the manner in which that nourishment gets to their table since no one is eager to show them this reality.

A lot of us are pet owners, there are even some of us which grew up taking care of farm animals for market or even for show, and they are not only bringing us joy, but also they understand the love we have for them, so they give their best in return.

And young Mitchell Miner according to the Des Moines Register said:

She just likes to lay down and relax with me, she enjoys my company a lot!

What about you? What is your favorite animal, have you ever had a bond with one before, or any special relationship? Have you ever raised any animals as a kid? What memories does this article bring up to you?


The Des Moines Register,  A boy and his heifer: We reflect on the iconic photo from Iowa State Fair a year later, August 2018. Photo credit: (Photo: Jeremy Miner/Special to the Register)

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