Texas To Introduce Cursive Writing In Elementary Schools, Follows Other US States

This September Cursive writing classes will begin in the state of Texas, after the State Board of Education updated its Education Code back in 2017. After 18 states have already moved to introduce it or have already introduced it.

When handwriting has become so rare in the schools, many states in the U.S. are going back to cursive writing. Many schools in the country have already introduced cursive writing or have made plans to introduce it as a part of the curriculum in elementary schools.

WCNC reported that the latest state to do so is Texas, and they will begin with the first classes this school year of 2019/20. Most schools in the state are not teaching cursive writing at the moment. But back in 2017 the state Education Code was updated by the State Board of Education. And one of the major changes was the reintroducing of cursive writing in the classes.

These classes will start in the second grade, and by the time the students reach third grade, they will be able to write complete answers, thoughts and words, and they will be able to leave correct spaces between words. By the time students reach fourth grade, students will be able to write cursive in order to complete their assignments, and this will also continue in the fifth grade.

A report by People stated that even though that cursive writing has been a part of the education standards in the state for many years, the changes will put an added emphasis, according to a spokesman for Texas Education Agency, a branch of the state government of Texas in the United States, which is responsible for public education.

The changes show positive results, improvement in memory from handwriting.

Nay Roach, a fourth grade professor at Sam Houston Elementary School, stated:

I’m from the old school, yet with government records and contracts and things like that, you need your cursive mark.

According to another Texas occupant, Mark Brassfield, marks are regularly utilized by organizations to recognize irregularities.

He included:

Everyone composes cursive uniquely in contrast to other people and that is the means by which they recognize issues.

At least 18 states have moved to re-present cursive composition since 2016 with 14 of those states being situated in the South.

Katrina Erickson, of curriculum modules supplier Learning Without Tears, stated:

Studies have appeared at improve mental health in the territories of reasoning, language and working memory just as invigorating the cerebrum. Composing by hand attaches that substance to their memory for quicker, progressively productive and stable review later on.

There is still contradiction about the helpfulness of cursive writing in 2019, anyway many have stood up in help of the changes.

As indicated by the WCNC report, Diane Schallert, a professor with the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, stated:

In first grade, we only learned cursive. We never learned0 how to print.

She included:

With language perception, there’s this correspondence among delivering and fathoming. By observing the letter being shaped gradually at your control, you’re thinking about its sound-image correspondence.

There’s just such a great amount of time in the day. Whatever you choose to put into the educational programs, you’re choosing to take something out. It’s a critical choice to choose to prohibit it or incorporate it. That is hard.

According to CNN, in 2016, Alabama passed a law that achieved the necessity of cursive writing in classrooms.

The same year when Louisiana made changes and introduced cursive writing. There are other states that followed, including North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Arkansas, and California.


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