Baby Weasel Takes A Magical Ride On Woodpecker’s Back

A photographer from East London, Martin Le-May has taken some pretty cool photos, and the best one he took so far, was this baby weasel and woodpecker. There is a very funny story behind this photo.

You may think that this is a very cute photo, but the baby weasel and woodpecker are fighting. This baby easel is trying to eat the woodpecker, but the woodpecker doesn’t seem to give up, and wants to live another day.

Le-May was a witness of the fight at the Hornchurch Country park, as he was enjoying his day. He heard loud noises, and saw these tiny animals fighting.

The woodpecker flew right beside Le-May but there was something on the back of it. That was the weasel. So Le-May was not going to miss this hilarious moment, he took his camera and shot a few pictures and here they are.

These cute animals were actually both fighting for their lives. When the woodpecker landed on the ground, the weasel saw Le-May with his wife. This was enough for the woodpecker to sneak and fly away in the nearby trees. There was nothing left for the weasel but to go home hungry.

Weasels are robbing nests, but this baby had a hope that he will get a free meal. But unfortunately this woodpecker was a bit older and didn’t give up so easily. The bird-enthusiast Jason Ward shared this photos first, he wrote that these two are best friends, but he didn’t know the story at the time.

According to the experts, this is a European green woodpecker, a bird breed that is making very loud noises and weird sounds. They are feeding on ants, an can grow from 210 to 216 mm in length, with a 320 to 330 mm of wingspan.

A wildlife presenter, Steve Backshall said that it is very unusual for this bird to fly, and he was also surprised that the woodpecker did it with a weasel on its back!


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