A School In Spain Teaches Household Chores To Boys In A Powerful Initiative Against Gender Inequality

Cooking, ironing and sewing are one of the most basic tasks that people do at home.

Mostly people learn these tasks at home by themselves, but sometimes there is nobody to show them how to do it. Therefore there are schools that offer classes for the students, especially for the boys to learn how to do these activities. This is what the Montecastello School of Spain is teaching the students under the slogan “Equality is learned with actions”.

In 2018, the school, arranged in the city of Vigo, declared that it’d incorporate activities in home financial aspects among different subjects. During the activities, the male understudies would be educated to do assignments, for example, pressing, sewing, cooking, and other manual activities, for example, electrician and plumbing skills, carpentry and masonry.

All classes are educated voluntarily by the teachers, agents of the school campus, as well as some of the dads of these students.

As Gabriel Bravo, the organizer of the foundation, clarified, every one of the activities were done as:

It appeared to be exceptionally helpful for our understudies to figure out how to play out these errands so that, when they structure a family, they are included from the earliest starting point and realize that a house involves two, it is anything but a matter of the lady cleaning, doing the dishes, and pressing. This will enable them to end up mindful and figure out how to deal with themselves at home.

The thought was conceived when the school organization was looking for ways that could advance gender equality criteria for their understudies. At that point the task was conveyed to guardians and understudies. The guardians being the ones who did not have any apprehensions about tolerating the thought, while the understudies were awkward when they heard of ironing and sewing.

As they started to perform the tasks the resistance was hone, and they simply realized that these activities are completely normal for both women and men, and they can be done step by step very easily.

Gabriel bravo also added that, for some of the students it was the first time holding an iron, but it was also very instructive and fun at the same time, everybody was surprised, and most importantly the parents were very happy.


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