How to Make a Bee Waterer to Help Hydrate Our Pollinators

Just imagine how hard is a single bee working throughout the day. Bees tend to at least 2,000 flowers every day, with their tiny wings that beat up to 10,000 times per minute, carrying all that pollen, and assisting our food supplies.

It sounds pretty exhausting, right? Well, they get thirsty too, and they need a safe water source. But the main problem is that, water is not always available to them.

That’s because bees need a very shallow source of water to drink from. But unfortunately, shallow water evaporates very fast in the sun. Birdbaths are not the bees’ best option, since they can drown if the water is not shallow enough.

This goes for lakes and rivers too, because bees are risking their lives trying to get a drink of water in the presence of frogs, fishes and other wildlife, not to mention that they can easily be swept away in the water.

In order to help the bees hydrate, just set a larger bowl of marbles like in the picture above, and then water. That way the marbles will allow the bees a safe spot land on, therefore they won’t drown while they drink. No more drowning bees!


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