The Gluten Free Rice That Detoxes Your Body & Improves Digestion

Black rice is very beneficial, it is an ancient grain which was used to improve kidney, stomach and liver function. It is also known as the forbidden rice, this rice was reserved for Chinese royalty for many centuries.

Today, it is popular in the United States, in Australia and Europe as well, where it was introduced recently. The black rice has a dark purple color with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. 

Often it is considered to be a superfood because of its high nutrient content, also the black rice is naturally rich in anthocyanins, which give its unique color. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is considered a blood tonic.

It has an external shell like brown rice, making it somewhat more time-serious to cook, yet you can accelerate the procedure by splashing it for 60 minutes. The anthocyanins in its substance may help battle genuine medical problems, similar to malignancy and coronary illness. 

One serving of dark or illegal rice contains just around 160 calories yet is high in flavonoid phytonutrients. Dark rice is additionally a rich wellspring of significant fiber, generous mineral substance and plant-based protein.

A 1/4 cup serving of steamed organic black rice contains about:

  • 0.7 milligrams of Iron (4% DV)
  • 2.3 grams of Fiber
  • 1.5 grams of Fat
  • 4 grams of Protein
  • 32 grams of Carbohydrates
  • 156 Calories

Researchers tested the black rice bran and they discovered it was a very useful therapeutic agent, for treatment of diseases associated with chronic inflammation, and their prevention.

It improves our health in many ways, so here are some of the health benefits below:

1. Gluten-Free

Black rice is a gluten-free grain, therefore it is a very healthy alternative for barley, rye and wheat.

2. Strengthens the Immune System

Black rice is very rich in antioxidants which boosts immunity, boosts brain function, fights off free radical damage, and fights inflammation.

3. Protects the Heart

Dark rice decreases plaque development in the courses and hence secures against coronary failures and stroke. Besides, it is stacked with phytochemicals that keep up solid cholesterol levels.

4. Helps Prevent Obesity

According to researchers, whole grain rice varieties like black rice, have the ability to prevent insulin resistance, therefore lowering the risk for obesity!

5. Improves Digestive Health

Black rice is a rich source of fiber, which is able to treat and prevent digestive issues such as constipation and bloating.

6. Detoxifies the Body

Black rice can detoxify the body and the antioxidants in its own content can decrease the oxidative stress, and also cleanse the arteries and liver of toxins.

7. Helps Prevent Diabetes

According to studies, it was shown that consuming black rice can help prevent diabetes, since it is slowing down the sugar absorption in the blood, and regulating the blood sugar levels.


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