Smudging Does A Lot More Than “Clear Evil Spirits” New Research Reveals

‘Fill your heart full of good things’ – Smudging is the ceremonial tradition of Indigenous people across North America, it cleanses your body, your mind and your soul.

Smudging is an ancient form of purification, it is also scientifically backed as a way to relieve from negative ions in the air, kill germs and bacteria, and also promote wellness within our environment and ourselves.

Smudging can be done at any time by yourself or within a group, and it is traditionally done before taking part in some type of important ceremony. It is a ‘clean slate’ of sorts.

It is a way to relieve from what’s no longer serving you and clear away negative attachments, therefore you can focus on whatsoever work you have (tarot, ceremony, meditation, etc.). Also it can be used to cleanse objects like cards, crystals, or almost anything that might hold negative attachment.

The smoke that comes from the herbs is said to cleanse negative spirits and energy, and even tools and people. Smudge smoke, like washing your hands before you eat, was used as a way to cleanse places and people.

Smudging was typical in conventional social orders. It has been utilized for a large number of years and even pre-dates Native American culture. The consuming of incense additionally goes far into our past. 

We can see a portion of the primary occurrences of incense consuming as far back as 1530 B.C.E. in Egypt and Israel. 

Obviously, with any profound practice, we need to take a gander at it with basic eyes and be fairly incredulous. Science has as of late investigated the custom to check whether it goes past simple superstition. 

In a recent report distributed in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, specialists controlled home grown and non-natural cures in smoke structure. Their discoveries? 

The most continuous therapeutic signs for restorative smoke are aspiratory (23.5%), neurological (21.8%) and dermatological (8.1%). Different employments of smoke are not actually restorative however valuable to health, and incorporate smoke as an additive or an anti-agents and the social utilization of smoke.

They saw the smoke as air cleaning and exceptionally successful at it as well. Another paper, distributed a year later, found that therapeutic smoke decreased airborne microbes. 

The authors state: 

“This investigation speaks to a far reaching examination and logical approval of our old information about the impact of ethnopharmacological parts of common items’ smoke for treatment and social insurance on airborne bacterial organization and elements.” 

A considerable rundown of pathogenic microorganisms were seen as missing in an open room 30 days after a smudging treatment. 

We have shown that utilizing therapeutic smoke it is conceivable to totally dispose of various plant and human pathogenic microscopic organisms of the air inside bound space, – wrote the researchers.

These are all very interesting developments and of course it still requires some healthy skepticism and further research. All that we can say is, that it is starting to look like burning sage and other herbs do a little more than make your house smell good.

You can learn how to smudge in the video below:


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