Bleached White Flour Is a Toxic Insecticide. It Was Declared “unfit” For Human Consumption

The reality about the ‘Standard American Diet’ is that it’s a diet of chronically consuming those types of food that are highly harmful for you and your organism, while not consuming the healthy ones and the ones you need.

One ingredient that is chronically consumed, and should be definitely rarely consumed or not at all, is the bleached white flour!

Did you know that the bleached white flour was almost outlawed?

The Federal District Court of Missouri declared it ‘unfit for human consumption’ back in 1910. H.W. Wiley, in the book ‘The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law’ is discussing about the case.

In Mr. Wiley’s opinion, the enforcement of this very law was halted through the political influence of the millers, and ‘not even a notice was sent to the FDA for violations’.

The manufacturing processes now for he bleached flour include treating wheat with insecticides, pesticides and fungicides. And that is in every step, from the first sprout of the wheat, to the final step – packaging. Now there are about 60 FDA approved chemicals for the manufacturing of white flour.

Here are the Top 5 Most Shocking Facts about Bleached White Flour:

1. Bleached White Flour is a Natural Insecticide – Do you know that if an insect eats white flour it will die? Yeah, right.

2. They add Potassium Bromate – Notwithstanding blanching the wheat with chlorine dioxide, further brightening is cultivated by including such fillers as chalk, alum and ammonium carbonate (this is the thing that gives flour its practically velvety feel). 

Be that as it may, the last stage is generally stunning, the expansion of Potassium Bromate! You see Bromate is evaluated a class 2B cancer-causing agent by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). 

Which is the reason the fixing is banned in Europe and Canada. Lamentably, it is as yet a fixing in American white flour. 

3. There are Basically 0 Nutrients – You can enlighten as much regarding the healthy benefit of a nourishment by what it doesn’t have the same amount of as you can by what it has. 

On account of white flour, it doesn’t have a lot. Fundamentally, every one of the supplements (76% of the vitamins, 97% of the fiber and 99% of the calcium, iron, magnesium and B vitamins) are expelled from the wheat during handling.

4. Contains L-cysteine – In order to boost the industrial processing, most of the baked goods in the United States contain this non-essential amino acid. Mostly it can be expected in processed pizza doughs, cookies and fast food buns. Mostly sourced from cow horns and chicken feathers, commonly it comes from China where where regulations are scarcely enforced.

5. It Contains Alloxan – This makes the bread look clean and fresh. But unfortunately, according to the scientific studies, the beta cells are destroyed by it in the pancreas. This was noted in ‘The Textbook of Natural Medicine’.



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