Ikea’s Hydroponic System Allows You To Grow Vegetables All Year Round Without A Garden

If you don’t have a garden to grow your own veggies and fruits, then IKEA’s indoor hydroponic garden is the best solution for you. It will allow anybody to grow fresh products at home, without the need for soil and without any previous gardening experience!

It shows that the successful growing of the plants requires adequate water and light only, and it is said that this method will help you grow a lot of the veggies that we have on the market today.

The IKEA system has absorbent foam plus that will enable the seeds to sprout and it will keep them moist without over-watering them. As soon as those seeds germinate, the foam plus needs to be transferred into its own and separate little pot, and filled with pumice stones, which can retain lots of water.

ikea hydroponic system

Then, the small pots can be put in a growing tray equipped with a solar lamp.

This very efficient system can be successful in rooms without a lot of sunlight, but it will be best to place it near a window that lets a lot of sunlight to pass through.

Also, the water sensor that is built-in will make sure that the plants are given the perfect amount of water.

As Helena Karlén, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, said:

The test was to make developing plants in a hydroponic framework straightforward with the goal that anybody could succeed.

Named in the KRYDDA/VÄXER arrangement, the structure came about because of a coordinated effort with agrarian researchers in Sweden, and it was meant to be used by individuals who live in lofts or don’t have a nursery, just as the individuals who need totally new produce in any event, throughout the winter. 

Ronnie Runesson, product developer at IKEA, reported: 

We needed to make planting packs that would rearrange for individuals to develop their own herbs and vegetables a year a year. 

Regardless of whether you live in the northern parts of Sweden in the wintertime or on the off chance that you live in China or North America, you ought to have the option to prevail with your nursery. 

It’s tied in with making an increasingly manageable and more beneficial life at home for everybody. 

The fundamental VÄXER arrangement incorporates all that you have to begin, seeds, cultivation set, nursery box, starter plugs, pumice stones, fertilizer, cultivation light and cultivation light fixture.

The system is a lot more affordable than others of its type, and it is perfect for people with small spaces. Also, it is following the IKEA’s eco-friendly trend towards sustainability.

It’s also a departure from IKEA’s usual catalog of products like tables and bookshelves and it stays away from the traditional retail business model. 

IKEA’s head of sustainability is proclaimed that the Western world had hit ‘peak home furnishings’ and declared they are successfully helping the customers to live much more eco-friendly lives!


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