The Attraction Between An Empath And A Narcissist Is Truly A Toxic One

Just as moths to a fire, naturally the narcissists are drawn to empaths.

However, the attraction is not one-sided, because the empaths are just as attracted to narcissists, but for other reasons. This is a bond that shouldn’t be formed, because it is a lot more ‘parasitic’ than it is beneficial!


These are people who are high on the emphatic spectrum, and they tend to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes, and they will always go beyond and above for others.

They are the most correct and most true definition of selflessness. Empaths can take on the emotions and pain of others at their own expense. They see this as their most sacred duty, and despite how draining this can be, they don’t ever want to give up on anyone.


The narcissism is in the essence of the existence of these people, and it is coming with a general lack of of empathy towards other people. And these people are never as they appear to be. They appear that they like themselves a lot, but the truth is that they dislike themselves. 

The self-love is just a cover-up for how much they really despise themselves. They appear to have very strong personalities. But, that is also not true because all they have is an empty core and a loud mouth. They are very selfish, with a high sense of self-importance!

Empaths & Narcissists Always Seek Each Other Out

For empaths, this may have to do with their need to help individuals. Their hearts are in the opportune spot, which is the reason they are constantly exploited and depleted by narcissists. 

Narcissists are consideration searchers and the vast majority around them become mindful of this and disengage them. This is the reason narcissists purposely look for the sort and pleasing empaths to dive their hooks into. 

Without a doubt, empaths perceive these narcissistic inclinations however they are happy to stay to “spare” the culprit. This is the reason the relationship is profoundly dangerous and ought to never be encouraged. 

The Reason Empaths are Sought after by Narcissists

Narcissists are sincerely harmed people on an endless crucial cut down the individuals around them. Those individuals generally end up being empaths, in light of the fact that they are the most effortless targets accessible to release the inborn selfishness upon. 

A few people – creators, analysts, and specialists – have given their expert sentiments on why these two oppositely inverse arrangements of individuals consistently figure out how to be as one. 

Lindsay Dodgson of Business Insider stated, “Empaths are ‘passionate wipes,’ who can assimilate sentiments from other individuals effectively. This makes them exceptionally alluring to narcissists, since they see somebody who will satisfy all their needs in a benevolent manner.” 

Judith Orloff, specialist and creator of The Empaths Survival Guide, stated, “What narcissists see in empaths is a giving, adoring individual who is going to attempt to be committed to you and love you and hear you out. 

However, lamentably, empaths are pulled in to narcissists, on the grounds that from the outset, this is about a bogus self. 

Narcissists present a bogus self, where they can appear to be enchanting and canny, and in any event, giving until you don’t accomplish things their way, and afterward they get cold, retaining and rebuffing.” She additionally depicted the relationship as a lethal fascination that seems to be “bound for debacle.” 

As indicated by Shannon Thomas, advisor and creator of Healing from Hidden Abuse, narcissists long for strife and turmoil, and keeping in mind that empaths endeavor to make agreement, narcissists are hoping to do the inverse. 

Why Do Empaths Stick Around?

The inquiry at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts must be “the reason do empaths stay if it’s extremely clear they’re in a poisonous space?” The short answer is that empaths are too great to even consider abandoning individuals who need them. 

Creator Deborah Ward stated:

Narcissists make associations with (empaths) that basically enables them to sustain off the consideration of the empath, to fulfill their voracious hunger for acclaim, consideration, esteem, power, and material things until the (empath) is left sincerely depleted, depleted and feeble.

This frailty is a piece of the motivation behind why they discover it so hard to leave a relationship obviously stressing their giving hearts. 

Likewise, empaths are certified and kind-hearted individuals, which is the reason they anticipate that others should be a similar way. Lamentably, narcissists know about this attribute and use it to further their potential benefit. 

One sign of narcissists is that they accept that any self-regarding individual ought to have the option to pretend sympathy. They don’t see sympathy as an ideals, however they accept they can make a good showing of faking their empathic side. 

To a degree, they normally succeed and once empaths get a look at this bogus compassion inside narcissists, they are snared. They get ready for an intercession and sincerely accept they can have any kind of effect. 

They’re not the sort to surrender effectively and they proceed to attempt to fix these individuals until they’ve contributed an abundant excess vitality. They wind up making beams of bogus expectation inside themselves that the narcissists will change. 

They see a promising finish to the present course of action that isn’t genuinely there, and they can’t discover it in themselves to leave the relationship. 

Empaths Need to Break The Chain and Walk Away

Empaths need to comprehend that narcissists aren’t tormented spirits who must be spared by their genuine love. No, they’re people simply like every other person. 

They are answerable for themselves and it’s not anybody’s obligation to deal with them. Notwithstanding how apparently inconceivable it might be, empaths should attempt to put themselves first.

Empaths must start by setting some boundaries, in order to protect themselves. If the narcissist is refusing to respect the boundaries that have been set (as they usually do), then it is time to finally take a deep breath, and severe all of the ties with them, before they’re even torn apart at the seams!


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