Phone Explodes And Kills Teen In Her Sleep

The most peaceful way to go is considered to be the one dying in your sleep. But, that isn’t the case for everyone.

Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek, which was a 14 year old from Bastobe, Kazakhstan, sadly lost her life last month after leaving her cell phone on her pillow while she was listening to music. 

The girl simply fell asleep while the phone was connected to a near power socket, and it exploded because of a battery malfunction. Alua diet instantly because of the trauma to her head. But, the family did not find out until the morning, because the explosion was just strong enough to cause lethal damage, but it was not strong enough to wake everyone up. The media didn’t share the phone brand.

Ayazhan Dolasheva, Alua’s best friend, who is 15, commented on social media:

I can’t believe it, you were the best. We’ve been together for all our lives, since we were little. It is just so hard without you. I will always miss you. You left me alone forever.

A Series of Exploding Phones

Shockingly, Alua’s demise isn’t the main instance of detonating cell phone batteries as of late. Prior this year, an Indian man’s telephone detonated in his pocket while the man was being recorded on CCTV.

The man made due with minor harm to his leg and immediately left the scene in dread of further blasts, leaving the telephone on the floor. 

A year ago, a lady in Shanghai had her telephone detonate on the dashboard of her vehicle while she was driving. Luckily, she made due also, albeit scarcely as she had to continue driving since she was trying to progressing traffic. 

It’s significant that her telephone’s battery was as of late changed in an auto shop – the Hoho Fast. The shop would not assume liability for the occurrence and basically offered the lady another battery. 

The woman’s husband commented sadly:

She was driving alone; nobody contacted the telephone. It just all of a sudden exploded. She wasn’t charging or in any event, using it at the time. At the point when we purchased the battery from Hoho Fast in February, they revealed to us it was authentic. 

They’re declining to assume further liability and won’t repay us. We approached them for another telephone. They state they can just allow us a recycled one. It resembles they’re pressing us like a container of toothpaste. They’ll crush us until we become irritated and surrender; at that point the case is shut for them.

What Causes Phones to Explode?

While the brands and the models of the telephones for these episodes are extraordinary, the reason is normally the equivalent – a flawed battery. All the more precisely – the separators in the telephones’ batteries that are intended to keep the anodes from interfacing. 

When the separators breakdown and enable the cathodes of the battery to interface – the blast is unavoidable. This is a similar issue that tormented the notorious Samsung Galaxy Note 7 out of 2016.

How to Prevent Phones from Exploding

Fortunately, this is a very rare problem, because the lithium batteries in the smartphones have many precautions for this problem. The main problem to look out for is overheating of the battery, because that is what can lead to faulty battery separators.

Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

  • Remove the case from the phone when the phone is charging.
  • Keep the phone from hot temperatures, especially from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t get the phone wet.
  • Remove the phone from closed spaces, that might trap some heat when it’s charging.
  • Inspect the phone’s battery once in a while, for some swelling or visible damage.
  • Don’t use the knockoff batteries or chargers.


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