6 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Walk Every Day

Modern society lifestyles have become so sedentary and hectic at the same time, which is why we ended up suffering from different health issues and being stressed all the time, mainly because of the physical inactivity.

Experts regularly advise that there is a growing number of people who are aware of the importance of being physically active, however still think that walking is not the best way to lose weight and gain fitness.

The oldest human physical activity is walking, and it is highly beneficial for the human body. Walking is boosting the metabolism without damaging the joints, and at the same time burns calories, but that is only the tiniest part of the countless benefits of this activity.

Researchers state that walking is the best exercise to feel happier, healthier, younger and at the same time prevent weight gain. 

When the American College of Sports Medicine in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control first recommended a 30 minute brisk walk for adults most of the days in one week back in the 1990s, many people started to walk intentionally to prevent and fight diseases, and of course to lose weight.

Soon after that, the American Heart Association recommended a ’30 minute walk on daily basis’, helping it to become cost-effective, popular, moderate-intensity physical activity.

As the years passed, many studies have been connecting walking with prevention of diseases and conditions such as, hormonal imbalances, dementia, fatigue, arthritis, depression, anxiety, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, thyroid disorders, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease and PMS symptoms.

This very simple but beneficial activity is now though to be ‘the closest thing we have to a miracle medication’. – said Dr. Thomas Frieden, the former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here are the top 6 Health Benefits of Walking:

1. It is able to fight against chronic diseases like, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. It’s also one of the safest exercises, it is supporting the joints and improves blood circulation, which is helpful for the lymphatic system, and also decreases inflammation. 

Walking is a very simple, effective and free way to stay in a good physical shape, and also improve your hormonal, heart and muscular functioning. 

2. Going for a normal walk stops the loss of bone mass because of maturing. Walking is an extraordinary method to fight against gravity, as it powers the issues that remains to be worked out more grounded to keep supporting the body weight and brings down the hazard for cracks or osteoporosis. 

3. Walking is a characteristic method to improve your mood, and fight anxiety and depression. Generally known as ”sprinters high”, all types of activity discharge normal ‘feel better’ hormones in the cerebrum, including endorphins. 

4. It brings down the danger of strokes, heart disease, and cardiovascular failures. A study distributed in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine in 2013 indicated that a lively walk emphatically influences resting pulse, circulatory strain, practice limit, maximal oxygen utilization and personal satisfaction. 

5. Walking is an unbelievably viable approach to keep up a sound weight. It is a simple exercise to stay aware of, has an okay of causing wounds, and doesn’t cause weariness contrasted with increasingly extreme exercises.

6. Walking is a very low impact exercise which requires very little effort, it can be performed at the pace you want, and of course at any time you like.

It is the perfect exercise for elderly people, for people who are overweight and for the ones who haven’t exercised for a longer period of time, since they should not worry for the risks that some other harder exercises might bring.

So, grab a pair of comfortable shoes, and go enjoy a nice walk, make it part of your everyday lifestyle!


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