Artist Turns Ordinary Stones Into Adorable Animals That Fit Inside Your Palm

Akie Nakata, is a self-taught artist from Japan, who loved to pick up stones since she was a little girl, and this has later inspired her, to turn these little stones in beautiful art pieces!

This very exceptional collection of painted stones of this Japanese artist, has taken small and cute animals to a whole other level. Her amazing talent made these creations some of the most beautiful ones we’ve seen until this day.

She is picking up stones that she sees, which have character, and is bringing them back to life by painting on them. She’s using acrylic paints.

One day as she was walking along the riverbank, she saw a peculiar pebble resembled a rabbit, this was the thing that triggered the idea to start making stones in these pieces of art, which are totally cool and beautiful at the same time.

Akie believes that each stone has its own intention, therefore her encounter with stones represents and serves just like cues, and she starts to paint what she sees in them.

She builds up a connection with the chosen stone. She includes that she additionally regards the stones in all, so she never forms them, and could never remove an edge to adjust the shape. 

The final products are life-like, unpredictable and perfectly detailed pebbles. However, she guarantees that she attempts to discover life in all stones she picks. 

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続く災害に気持ちと言葉が追いつきません…今後様々な情報も溢れると思いますが… 自分が東北で被災した際友人作家の投稿に心が和みましたので、少しずつ作品画像をお届け出来ればと思っています。 こちらは過去作品です。 体長45ミリの小さなフクロウ。友人がフランスの海岸で見つけてくれた石から生まれました。滑らかで、光にかざすとほんのり透けるとても綺麗な瑪瑙石でした。 Past work, beautiful owl painted on natural shape stone. This is for my mother-in-law and not for sale. so, just I hope you have fun to see the picture. P.S. For those of you who leave comments, please accept my "like" as a token of my appreciation. I will be sure to read all your comments. Thank you. #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #drawing #painting #art #fineart #akie #owl

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Using acrylic paint, she paints different creatures, from canines and felines to winged creatures and mice. 

Akie accepts the stones have a spirit and stories to tell, and even concedes conversing with them now and again while holding them. 

The skilled artist says that when she thinks about the long time it takes for a stone to transform from a colossal rock in the mountains to the measure and shape it has, she thinks about the historical backdrop of the earth that the stone has quietly seen throughout the centuries.

Every piece of her art is just so realistic and adorable, so make sure to check each and every one of them out!


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