Lash Lice Are Becoming More Common In Eyelash Extensions, Doctors Warn

Every woman’s dream is to look the best she can, but for the last couple of years, when it comes to beauty, there are some new extreme standards that have been set.

Besides from makeup, clean shoes, and a neat haircut, today’s girls have to do a lot of other things to satisfy the requirements of beauty trends. There is literally not a girl that doesn’t have a set of nails, or the latest trend, eyebrow threading.

Also among the latest trends is the eyelash extensions, this trend is among the requirements in the modern beauty.

These lashes are individually applied with glue, and are bonded to your natural lashes. This process usually takes around three hours to apply, and the extensions last from four to six weeks.

The eyelash extensions form an illusion of fluttering eyelashes that are batting above big eyes, and give a lot better effect than mascara. However, they also come along with some pretty frightening risks.

Optometrists have already reported an increase in the incidents of lash lice, which is medically known as Demodex.

They’re advising women who are regularly using eyelash extensions to clean them on regular basis, because the lack of hygiene can lead to bacteria build-ups.

Demodex is showed by irritation, redness, and aggravation. Eyelash lice live on the slick hair follicle and can be moved from individual to individual by hopping. 

As indicated by Dr. Sairah Malik: 

By and large the thought when you have eyelash expansions is that individuals are reluctant to sort of touch them or wash them since they’re apprehensive the eyelash will drop out.

However, he clarifies that it is critical to keep the eyelids clean, and recommends utilizing a tea tree base more clean. 

We prescribe tea tree base chemical. Any chemical that has a weakened type of tea tree, and it is a smart thought to use every day.

Hillary Weimer, a cosmetologist at ‘A New U Salon and Boutique’ prompts that when you initially complete your lashes, you ought to keep away from contact with water for the initial 24 hours. She includes: 

From that point forward, you can wash them. Try not to utilize any oil-based items. Simply be cautious, don’t pull at them. In the event that they’re put on accurately, you ought to have no issue with them staying and dealing with them.

A year ago, a lady by the name of Ashley imparted her Demodex story to WFTV9 and cautioned others about the potential threats of eyelash augmentations. 

One morning, she got up with swollen, irritated eyes in the wake of having had eyelash extensions a few times, and under the magnifying lens, Dr. Keshini Parbhu, of the Orlando Eye Institute’s Dry Eye Help Center, found the lice living on the oils of the lashes.

She said:

They burrow to the base of the eyelash follicles, and they feed from the material. Infection may occur if they overpopulate.

Additionally, customers are also increasing the risk of Demodex if they don’t remove the eye makeup adequately, and in case the beauty saloon is not washing their tools appropriately.

Dr. Malik also added that whenever possible, women must give their eyelids a longer break from extension.


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