Woman Saves A Baby Elephant From Death And She Now Follows Her Everywhere

Moyo is a baby elephant which almost drowned when she separated from her herd while crossing a river in Zimbabwe, back in 2016. But, fortunately the baby was saved and continued to live in a sanctuary which was founded by Roxy Danckwerts. Wild is Life, is the name of the sanctuary.

This very sanctuary has its own elephant nursery, and little Moyo was the tiniest rescue they’ve ever had. She weighed only 56 kilograms, which is less than the calves her age, which weigh usually around 90 kilograms. 

When Moyo was rescued, she was very afraid and sick as well. That’s why Roxy tried to spend as much time as possible with the baby elephant, she even slept beside her, that way she would gain her trust.

Through all the care and love that Roxy gave to the baby, Moyo finally pulled through.

The Dodo wrote an article about her when she was 14 months old. Moyo was very happy, and she sometimes forgets how strong and big she is, and she follows Roxy inside the house. The love she has for Roxy is nothing like you’ve ever seen.

There is a picture in Roxy’s living room, with Roxy, her puppy and Moyo, all three sitting in the living room. Today, Moyo is fully grown and she finally conquered her biggest fear, swimming. To the African elephants, swimming comes naturally. But, because of the fear and trauma she had when she almost drowned when she was just a baby, Moyo forgot how to swim. 

Now that she is fully grown, and learned how to swim, she has also grown up as the ambassador for the nursery and she is leading her herd of orphaned elephants, like a young matriarch.

Moyo was likewise included by the BBC as one of the Miracle Orphans. Roxy admits that relinquishing Moyo can be hard for her as a result of constantly they shared. The greatest danger for the elephants is the illicit ivory exchange. 

Be that as it may, Moyo played a section in convincing Xi, the leader of China, who adored gathering her. In late 2017, China restricted the legitimate exchange ivory, be that as it may, the under-the-counter exchange still destroys populations.

Let us only hope that once and for all, this very illegal trade will come to an end, and these miraculous animals will continue to exist on the blue space marble that we have.



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