Rescued Kangaroo Can’t Stop Hugging The Volunteers Who Saved Her Life

A Kangaroo Sanctuary which is located just outside of Alice Springs, is providing specialized care for kangaroos. Most commonly, the sanctuary is taking care of some orphaned baby kangaroos, because of the hunting of kangaroos, and they’re taken to the center where they’re rehabilitated and then released in the wilderness.

Snuggles with Maggie, Teddy an Cindy-Lou 😍💤

Posted by The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Chris Brolga, the founder of the Kangaroo Sanctuary has founded the facility after he realized that, the nearest animal hospital and rescue center was more than 1,500 km away. This non-profit organization has a rescue center, 188 acres of land, and is providing tours for visitors.

Queen Abi hugs are the best hugs 🤗 💖

Posted by The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs on Thursday, October 31, 2019

Queen Abi

Even though that many animals can be friendly to humans, Queen Abi is a very special kangaroo. She loves to hug all the people that are looking after her at the sanctuary, and that is a very unusual level of contact for these animals.

But, kangaroos have long memories, and there are some cases where they have formed strong bonds with their caregivers. In order for this type of bond to be formed, caregivers mostly need to have contact at least once a day with the kangaroo. 

For Abi this makes perfect sense, as he has been living in the same sanctuary for more than a decade, and she had a lot of time to get to know everybody that was taking care for her. Queen Abi is also known to hop wildly into some of the caregivers’ arms to get a kiss and a hug!

All in all however, the kangaroos at this Australian untamed life office are sweetheart. Look at their Facebook page for quite a long time of loveable kangaroo pictures and recordings. Every kangaroo there additionally appears to be really card for and worshiped for the volunteers and representatives. Abi is certainly a piece of a huge, cherishing kangaroo and human family. 

Nothing more beautiful than loving cuddles from Queen AbiFor licensing or usage please contact

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Kangaroo Hunting Is Big Business 

Numerous Australians accept kangaroos are overpopulated in the outback, as the normal predators of the species have decreased after some time. Consequently, the clearance of kangaroo meat, leather and hides is for the most part overlooked by residents. 

A group of local people even feel that kangaroo meat is a more environmentally friendly option than other meat sources. Generally, the fare of kangaroo items makes up a $29 million dollar a year send out business, and assets more than 4,000 jobs for the Oceania nation. 

Elsa feeding Little Man his beloved milk 🍼💖

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Bolgra haven falls on the contrary side of this discussion, demonstrating an all the more obliterating side to portion based winnows of kangaroos. Joey’s regularly develop gradually, and regardless of whether well-supported, many are accepted to kick the bucket at an opportune time. 

The life of a joey is unequivocally compromised when their mom is shot. All together for the kangaroo species to proceed, joeys and their moms need to live. Lamentably, Bolgra and others against kangaroo chasing are with a minority of Australians, as the interest for kangaroo items extends globally.

Our sweet orphan Nieve loves a cuddle on our sunset tour 🤗 It’s similar to being in a pouch with the warmth, breathing and movement of her hugger. Thanks @rushan.perera (IG) for hugging Nieve 🤗

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Hopefully Queen Abi, spreads her message of love, and brings a lot more attention to the plight of Australia’s kangaroos, and show why this animal is worth taking care of!


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