The Weighted Blanket That Scientifically Puts You To Sleep; Helps ADHD, And Anxiety

There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re in complete comfort when you’re asleep, in your bed. People are constantly looking to discover a reliable way to improve their sleep, especially if they’re in lack of comfort and relaxation.

It is likely that individuals who are dealing with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism, and sleeping disorders like restless leg syndrome or insomnia, will experience a discomfort that will influence their sleep.

Lately, weighted blankets have been very popular, and if you’re suffering from any of the above listed disorders, a weighted blanket might be the perfect solution for you. you may have already heard about the benefits of the weighted blanket from satisfied users of the blanked, or from occupational therapists. 

However, if you have never really owned or seen one, you might have a few questions about what really a weighted blanket is.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

The name of the blanket gives it away, it is a heavy blanket, however there is a lot more to these blankets than you can imagine. Their weight and thickness makes them a perfect option for the ones that are suffering from various sleep disorders. A lot of people can say that hugging is the best way to create a calming effect.

And if you have children, and you have ever hugged them to fall asleep, you might understand that the concept and science behind the weighted blanket, there is really no difference. Weighted blankets are known to create pressure and sensory input which serves as a calming tool.

The theory of the weighted blankets is that, the blanket’s pressure is to create a calming effect. The weight and pressure feeds the brain with proprioceptive input, which is then allowing our brain to release the calming hormone, called serotonin.

Weighted blankets are regularly weighted with poly-pellets, glass dots, or steel shot dots. They come in different loads somewhere in the range of five to twenty five pounds. The proportion for finding the weight generally appropriate for clients is for it to be 10 percent of the client’s body weight, and afterward including a pound or two.

For instance, for a 80 pound kid, blankets ought to be 10 pounds. These blankets come in a few unique textures, which can be critical when looking for a cover that will give comfort for somebody tactile issues. 

Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Children with ADHD 

There are a bunch of research supported advantages that weighted blankets give to the individuals who use them. Reduction of self stimulatory behaviors, ease of anxiety, restless leg syndrome and improved sleep are only a portion of the advantages that you get from using a weighted cover. While grown-ups and adolescents can profit by using weighted cover treatment, weighted blankets are very useful for kids with ADHD and autism. 

Using weight blankets for children with ADHD and autism has gotten famous. Numerous kids with autism and ADHD will use weighted blankets as a technique to quiet down after school or during their treatment sessions. 

These weighted blankets likewise give them solace and unwinding helping them to nod off. An examination distributed in ‘The American Journal of Occupational Therapy’ found that grade school matured understudies who wore weighted blankets focused more and were less restless in the study hall.

‘It’s completely evident that a few children profit by pressure, either from weighted blankets or stretchy Lycra camping beds (which likewise give profound weight),’ says Lynelle Schneeberg, PsyD, board confirmed rest analyst and chief of the conduct rest program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. 

Studies have demonstrated that improvements in the classroom particularly expanding capacity to focus and staying on task have been seen when using weighted blankets, or blankets in understudies laps during classes or treatment sessions. 

Helps with Calming Down 

Weighted blankets for kids with ADHD have demonstrated to assist kids with changing from a high vitality action to a low vitality one. This can be useful both all through the homeroom. Studies show that instructors gave kids who required it, a couple of moments under a weighted cover to help them in progressing from being outside and back in the study hall. 

This additionally can be helpful at home whether its rolling in from recess outside, or expecting to concentrate on schoolwork or slowing down for the evening. Having your children lay under a weighted cover will have a quieting impact. 

Particularly for kids with ADHD, weighted blankets are used frequently for the quantity of rest gives that can emerge. Children who have ADHD have higher paces of daytime drowsiness, rest scattered breathing, and fretful leg disorder. The quieting impact that weighted blankets has on the sensory system enables serotonin to turn out to be promptly accessible for children with ADHD.

It is not a wonder that weighted blankets are getting the popularity they deserve. With all of the benefits that they’re able to provide, especially for the children who are dealing with ADHD, weighted blankets are proving that they’re a true game changer in the ways we can improve our sleep, unwind and focus. 

If you are looking to improve the behavior of your children whether out or in the classroom, the best option out there might be the weighted blankets!


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