The Secret To 5,000 Year Old Method Of Reliving Neck And Shoulder Pain Is In Your Hand

Did you know that the pain in your shoulder and your neck might be coming from your hand?

According to Jill Miller, the author of The Roll Model and creator of Yoga Tune Up, everyday activities such as holding your child, writing, talking on your cell phone, and even typing, might create a tension in your hand that rises all the way up to your shoulders and your neck.

In an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s digital series #OWNSHOW, Miller explained everybody how to use a tennis ball to relieve from shoulder and neck pain.

Put the tennis ball on a hard surface, for example on the table or the desk, and then press the junction where the thumb connects with the rest of your hand, and rest the hand on the tennis ball. 

Roll your hand repeatedly on the ball in order to pry the junction apart and open. This might be very uncomfortable, but you will start feeling the stress leaving your hand.

After a couple of moments, pivot your hand as if juicing lemons or oranges. Keep it up for about a minute. Then stand upright, raise your arms over your head. Notice if the hand that you’ve exercised is stretching back farther than the other hand. You will be surprised to find it does. This is a physical sign of elevated flexibility.

Miller’s method is a type of acupressure. Bipasha Mukherjee of Modern Reflexology said there is another pressure point on our hand that when it’s pressed, it is able to relieve neck pain. This point is known as the ‘Hidden Valley’, and it is located in the fleshy skin between the forefinger and the thumb.

In order to activate it, cradle your hands, lightly press your knuckles of the left hand towards the center of your palm of the right hand. Use the left thumb, and press the soft part of the skin, right below the web between the forefinger and the thumb for about 3 minutes. Repeat on the other hand as well.

These techniques are worth trying, for a quick relief of shoulder and neck pain!


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