Meet The World’s Laziest Horse That Plays Dead Whenever It’s Time to Give a Ride

Somebody please bring the Oscar for this big and muscular actor. Jingang is a Korean horse, named after a city in China, who has had it with carrying heavy people around on his back for a ride, for the entire day. So, that’s why he came up with a smart idea to spare himself from giving people a ride along the countryside – play dead. 

Every time when a rancher comes in with a new visitor who wants to get a ride on Jingang’s back, this lazy horse just drops down on the ground, and shuts his eyes, he lies still and he’s pretending that he’s dead. He doesn’t like skin pain, and he would go enormous lengths to avoid any type of stress.

He Gets Better At It Every Day

You can see Jingang in a video flopping on the ground in very fast motions, even when there are people on his back. The video has more than 2.8 million views on YouTube

He has gotten so good at this that he now falls to the ground even before somebody climbs on his back, and he sticks out his tongue, and he’s also raising his hooves in the air.

It is cute, but also naughty. – said his owner.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

In one of the clips that he was filmed, the lazy horse saw a rancher running towards him, and he did a swift double-take on the ground. When the rancher got away, Jingang started to get up slowly. The rancher then quickly got back, he was running towards the horse quickly and he was calling him out loudly. 

Automatically Jingang flopped on his back on the ground. He started kicking violently up in the air for a few seconds, and then he was laying still. This horse is a breathtaking actor.

Everybody from the ranch seems to have given up on Jingang, because it looks like the horse is immune to horse training.

Jingang Has a Lot of Admirers Online

This Asian horse has cracked up millions of people online from around the world, with his funny acting, and he has been known as the genius who’s way too smart to be a horse.

This horse is a genius, I wish I could just do that to someone every time I don’t like that someone that comes near to me. – A comment on YouTube read.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

The same has happened to me when I was a child and I was sitting on a horse. He simply fell down to the ground and he pretended that he has fainted. But, when I put some chana in front of his nose and mouth, all of a sudden he woke up. – another comment on YouTube read.

Some people could relate with this horse’s actions. Jinang has it all figured out for himself, and the best part about it is that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. This amazing and spoiled horse is out there, living his best life!


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