You Can Now Grow a Living Playhouse For Your Kids

Kids absolutely love playhouses, tree houses and all of that is in some way linked to playtime and games. Well, we’ve got some good news for you and your children, or nieces and nephews. You can build your own living playhouse. Yes, a real living playhouse.

Unfortunately, children nowdays spend most of their free time in front of their smart phones and computers, playing video games. Blue screens are way too much for their tiny brains, and their very vulnerable eyes.

In this article, we are going yo give you a couple of ideas, and your children will love them. Build them a small garden house, it is the latest trend on social medias.

The Runner Bean Teepee

It is the easiest one to make of all the ideas of living houses on social media.

You just need:

  • Garden twine
  • Runner bean seeds
  • 10 long tree branches or bamboo canes (6ft long)
  • Clover or grass area in the garden
  • Chicken wire

How to make it?

First of all, you need to poke all the bamboo canes in a circle, in the ground. Make sure that they are forming a teepee. Leave enough space between the canes, that is going to be the entrance. Secure the top with the wire, twine or anything string enough to hold the bamboo canes.

Cover the teepee with chicken wire, and then dig a 1-foot garden bed around the base of the canes, and fill that hole with manure/compost.

Make 2-inch holes at the base of each cane, and plant a runner bean seed in each of the holes.

Include water, and fill the gap with soil. Water once more. Utilize natural slug pellets to shield your seedlings from slugs. You can likewise expel them consistently without utilizing any item. 

Do this until your plants arrive at a stature of 6 inches. You can likewise begin the plants in pots, and transplant them in the dirt once completely developed. 

Fold the shoots over the sticks and secure them with a string. Spread the base of your sprinter bean plant with wood chips, mulch or garden clippings to secure the dampness in the dirt. This will likewise keep weeds from turning out. Water your plants consistently.

The Willow Den

Willow tree limbs make the best fences, seats, burrows, teepees, arches and whatever you intend to fabricate. 

Simply stick long willow branches legitimately into the ground, integrate them into the ideal shape and they will root and develop, creating a front of green leaves over the structure. – Blue Stem Nursery clarifies.

You just need:

  • Weed-suppressing straw or membrane
  • A large bundle 1,2 and 3 year old green willow rods (6ft or longer)

How to make it?

Spot the weed-smothering mat where you need to fabricate the playhouse. Make openings through the film to prepare for the poles. Plant the 3-year-old poles. 

This is the principle edge of the nook and the “entryway.” The 2-year-old bars give vertical help, and 1-year-old poles offer corner to corner weave. The highest point of your structure will be open toward the start, yet new developments will progressively seal it.

You can enrich the playhouse with sunflowers, grape vines, sweet peas and some other fruit plants. Also herbs are an interesting option. Use varieties that can repel mosquitoes naturally.


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