8-Year-Old Boy Hugs Nurse Who Gave Him Part of Her Liver to Save His Life

Have you ever thought about being an organ donor? These strangers do a very good deed, something that they will be remembered for a long time. Can you simply imagine the happiness after you save someone’s life?

When 8 year old Brayden was diagnosed with a very aggressive virus which attacked his liver in April, 2019, his parents James and Ruth Auten, felt devastated.

The boy who had just finished competing in the state wrestling championship, needed a quick liver transplant. His parents shared their story on social media, and they hoped to find a donor, but it was going hard and nobody was replying.

boy hugs nurse

At that point, Cami Loritz, an ICU nurse from Milwaukee, tried to find a donor and help, but she found out that she was the right match!

The two surgeries were made on May 15, but Loritz wanted to stay anonymous. After a few weeks, the hospital organized a meeting for her and the kid, and they embraced one another with lots of hugs.

Brayden’s dad wrote:

She went through a lot of pain and has given up her time, just to help my son, and make sure that he has a normal life just like every 7 year old out there. So, that’s why I want to thank you Cami Loritz, I won’t ever be able to repay that big of a gift, as you have my son, and our family!

Later he also wrote that what Camie did, was completely selfless, and she’s the one that saved his son’s life.

Brayden’s mother, Ruth Auten, said they can’t express gratitude toward Loritz enough, and now think about her as one of their family. Brayden came back to his home in July in the wake of recuperating from the fractional liver transplant, and he has returned to class now. 

In September, Loritz said thanks everybody for supporting the little hero and her:

Since we are right around 4 months post-transplant it’s endearing seeing Brayden appreciate being a child once more, no contention he’s stinkin’ charming! I am past grateful his family finds the opportunity to have their son back and sound. – Loritz said. 

All things considered, both the Auten’s and I don’t need this cheerful consummation of end here. Living organ gift is a Feasible idea to Save Lives Over all the affection and bolster we’ve gotten we’re requesting your assistance to teach general society and bring issues to light about living organ gift. 

Assist us with decreasing the shortage between the quantity of organs required and the quantity of organs accessible. Special whoop and thank you to the Transplant Team, Transplant ICU, and 4NW staff (particularly nurses) at Froedtert Hospital for making this all possible!

The liver is among the biggest body organs, and it has various significant jobs, such as changing over supplements from foods into valuable substances, retaining poisons and changing over them into innocuous substances, and creating proteins. 

Liver infections cause dubious manifestations, so it is regularly testing to analyze the liver issue at a beginning time. 

A liver transplant is an alternative when the patient has an unhealthy or bombing liver, and the medical procedure can last between 6-8 hours. Before a patient is added to the hanging tight rundown for an organ giver, the dangers and the advantages of the medical procedure are deliberately broke down.

Every good candidate for a liver transplant should meet criteria, like suffering from an irreversible, and severe medical condition with a short-term life expectancy, to be an active substance user, to suffer from uncontrollable or systemic infection, to have severe pulmonary hypertension, or cancer that is spreading to other parts of the body.

In most of the cases, the liver donors are people who are declared brain dead, if their loved ones agree. A partial liver can be donated from a living person as well, like from a friend or a relative.

In some of the cases, it is a total stranger that might save your family, just like Loritz did!


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