“Boy Genius” Is Now a Young Man With a Plan to Remove All Plastic From Oceans by 2050

If we decide to never stop dreaming, we can do wonders and miracles. Boyan Slat, is a young boy who had a dream, and his dream quickly became an invention which taught the whole world a big lesson, and can fight the main problem of our modern society, which is plastic pollution.

At the age of 18, this young man has launched a nonprofit organization called ‘The Ocean Cleanup’, and the primary goal is to clean the oceans from plastic waste.

The team consists 80 computational modelers, scientists, researchers and engineers which are dedicated to develop advanced technologies to fight with the plastic pollution and clean the ocean from it.

Slat designed a device that eliminates litter from the ocean, and a few years later, it was finally ready to be tried in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is the biggest plastic collection in the ocean in the entire world.

It’s located between Hawaii and California, and it covers about 600,000 square miles of the ocean, which leads to the death of 100,000 animals from 700 different species.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is also affecting the us indirectly, and according to the nonprofit organization:

When plastic enters the marine food web, there is a likelihood that it will taint the human natural way of life too.

Their first instrument was propelled in the Pacific Ocean in September 2018, yet it was seen as spilling the gathered plastic back on the sea. Along these lines, the gadget must be adjusted, and the association improved it. 

The new form is utilizing submerged parachutes to slow the cluster’s development through the water. As indicated by Slat, this would permit the gadget to bring the plastic conveyance down from double the size of the province of Texas, to 1/35 the size of the city of Houston.

The Ocean Cleanup site clarifies how the most recent version functions: 

Our cleanup innovation has been intended to do the difficult activity of concentrating the plastic first before it very well may be adequately expelled from the sea. 

The framework comprises of a long floater that sits at the outside of the water and skirt that hangs underneath it. The floater gives lightness to the whole framework, while the skirt keeps garbage from getting away underneath and drives it into the maintenance framework, or cod end. A stopper line over the skirt forestalls overtopping and keeps the skirt above water.

Every couple of months, ships are gathering the trash and return to shore to recycle it.

Models demonstrate that Slat’s cleaning gadget could clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by half in only five years. The not-for-profit trusts that, after fleets of systems are conveyed into each sea gyre, joined with source decrease, this gadget will annihilate 90% of sea plastic by 2040.

Slat’s dream was to get rid of all ocean debris by the year 2050.

Fingers crossed!

Boyan Slat, the founder of ‘The Ocean Cleanup’, invented a device that removes plastic waste from the oceans

The system works along with ocean currents, in order to capture the trash that’s floating, and consists of a screen anchored by a floater

The invention is tackling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Slat believes that this invention is able to cleanse the plastic from the oceans by the year 2050


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