Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School ‘Crazy Hair Day’

Children love Crazy Hair Day at school, but imagine how you would feel if you don’t have hair.

But, a seven year old girl proved that it can still be fun and entertaining.

In March, two years ago, Gianessa and her mom were very nervous a couple of days before Crazy Hair Day at school, which is a themed day that her daughter always loved, but the girl is suffering from alopecia, which is a condition that causes the hair to fall out in round batches.

The mother said that it was quite upsetting for Gianessa, but it was also very hard, because he was afraid that other kids might bully her, and she didn’t want her daughter to feel less beautiful than she really is.

Fortunately, both mother and daughter were determined not to let that day beat them, and they had a brilliant idea.

She transformed her daughter’s scalp in a beautiful art piece using some sparkling jewels.

The design of the sparkling jewels included flowers and a sparkly owl as well.

The mother disclosed that Gianessa needs to be a style architect one day, and she adores shines and sparkle, so when got the thought when she discovered some glue gems in cool plans in the scrapbooking division of a nearby store. 

She included that it was a solid match for her character, and adds some amusing to what could be an unpleasant time for a young girl with no hair. 

Daniella clarified that her schoolmates adored it when she opened the vehicle entryway in the vehicle drop-off path and they saw Gianessa. 

Toward the day’s end, the young girl was picked to be the champ of Crazy Hair Day, and when she got from school, she revealed to her mom that they all totally cherished her crazy hair.

Daniella was informed that Gianessa will most likely be bald for the rest of her life, however as wigs make her head tingle, they use scarves, hats and beanies.

Both of them remained happy, and the mother is always reminding Gianessa that she’s awesome, it doesn’t matter with or without hair.

She’s also encouraging other people with this autoimmune disease to wear whatever they feel like wearing and what’s most comfortable for them, hats, scarves, wigs or they can just rock the bald look.

Gianessa has been taking her hair loss in stride, and she’s been going for colorful scarves instead of wigs, and just telling people: My body doesn’t like my hair.’


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