Company Is Using Plastic Bottles To Make Roads That Last 10x Longer Than Asphalt

Since plastic was first made in 1907, it can be found anywhere around us. And today, plastic is a very crucial part to modern life, since it is used for most of the things that we are using on daily basis.

Also plastic made the development of most lifestyle advances available of modern time.

Being cheap, plastic has elevated the standard of living, and made material abundance more available.

Besides its role in the advancement of today’s society, plastic also became the biggest problem that we have today. It has become a very dangerous threat to our planet, including flora and fauna, humans and of course the environment.


The risks of plastic use to our environment is today a problem all around the world. However, experts are constantly trying to find a way to solve this problem with the plastic pollution.

To decrease the negative effect of plastic contamination on our planet, a UK organization, MacRebur, figured out how to use old plastic containers to improve the nature of streets. The black-top made along these lines will be less expensive and progressively strong. 

Its CEO, Toby McCartney, got the thought while he was working in Southern India. In the wake of asking why individuals there gathered old plastic, he was informed that they dissolve the plastic and transform it into filler for the potholes. 

The MacRebur black-top lifts the life expectancy of the material, and yet, it is condition agreeable, as it decreases the carbon impression by diminishing the measure of petroleum derivative used in the assembling process. 

Most sorts of plastic can be used for this black-top, including the most troublesome one to reuse – black plastic. 

McCartney stated: 

We experienced around five-to-600 unique structures of various polymers that we were blending in before we discovered one that really worked.

Their overhauled black-top is structured by joining granulated plastic waste and black-top solid recipe used to make streets. 

The plastic used for it must be named as waste, not new or reused, and it must dissolve at a particular temperature. The new plastic street would be progressively adaptable, and it will continue warmth, cold and regular climate harms better. 

Being an upgraded black-top structure, it will last any longer than customary black-top streets. McCartney keeps up that plastic streets are 60% more grounded than customary streets, and lab tests venture these streets may last up to multiple times longer. However, the truth will surface eventually on the off chance that they withstand mileage as said.

The mixture might be applied to airport runways, motorways, race tracks, and car parks as well.

McCartney also added:

We just want to solve two world problems. We’re calling it the waste plastic epidemic, and on the other hand the poor quality of roads that we have to drive on today.


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