Identical Twins See Each Other For The First Time And Have An Adorable Conversation

When I was little, I always thought that it would be very fun to have an identical twin. Why? Well, when you’re a kid, you just want to play, so having and identical twin to me meant that, I could play endlessly, and you know what everybody thinks about twins…telepathy.

Or maybe we would get a TV deal such as Full house or Olsen Twins. But, the truth is that twins are developing from a single fertilized egg, and they have the same genome from that, and environmental factors might result in the siblings growing up in different individuals.

But while they are still young, and they share the very same environment, very interesting things can happen. Like ‘twin talking’ have you ever heard of that term?

Twin talk is otherwise called idioglossia. It’s not exactly ESP yet idioglossia is a self-sufficient language that is made and shared between twins. 

Truth is stranger than fiction, twins can shape their own dialect so they can talk with one another before they become familiar with a progressively formal language. Truth be told, as per one research study distributed in the Journal of Institute of General Linguistics, around 40 percent of twins make up their own special language! 

While it’s very delightful currently, think about the difficulty these two can kick up into their youngster years! Mother and father won’t realize what hit them when they begin to plot about sneaking in after curfews or tricking educators and cohorts. 

Think about all the enjoyment tricks they can pull since they resemble the other the same. The conceivable outcomes are unfathomable! I generally wish I had a twin precisely therefore, since the time I saw “Parent Trap” as a child. Appreciate it, parents, it won’t keep going forever!

In the meantime, it is pretty cute. In this video below, these 3-month old, identical twins are seeing each other for the very first time, and they start a conversation for the first time as well.

The sounds that you can hear in the video are very gibberish, but to us it really looks like they are starting to communicate. It is very sweet how they start touching each other’s little faces.

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