82-Year-Old Man Still Gives Flowers To Wife For Their Anniversary After 64 Years Of Marriage

Giving flowers to your loved one for the anniversary is considered a romantic and yet traditional gesture. A bouquet of flowers is something every woman, and some men love to receive.

However, as time goes by and the anniversaries are too common, somebody might think that the flower giving is becoming less frequent, as the other partner becomes more and more comfortable in the relationship.

Well, that’s not the case with Melvin Bickel from Union County, he is 82 years old, and with him things are different. 64 years ago when he married his wife, he made a tradition to give her flowers every anniversary. Being more than 6 decades in marriage, Melvin is still giving flowers to his loved wife.

It may sound like a simple thing, to give your loved one flowers once a year, but Melvin decided to go the extra mile. He’s driving more than an hour to get to Scott’s Floral and Gifts, in Danville, in order to get his wife a beautiful bouquet of roses.

They make an excellent showing over yonder and I have been getting them from that point for quite a long time – Melvin said. Because of the incredible help and prevalent quality, he has no designs to get his better half’s commemoration blossoms anyplace else. 

To take the sentiment up a step further, Melvin chose to get an additional rose added to his wife’s arrangement each extra year they’ve been married.

It began with twelve, and afterward when it found a workable pace I just began including one, just to appear as something else. I’ve recently kept it up and now, it is difficult to stop.

What’s more, Melvin wouldn’t like to stop. Giving Lois, his genuine romance, roses consistently is his method for demonstrating her exactly the amount he cherishes her. 

Love doesn’t have an end. You love someone, it’s forever, and I love her more than all else on the planet.

Also Lois, appreciates this kind and loving gesture, every single time!

She shared, It’s showing me that he really loves me, and he cares for me as well.

Aside from demonstrating to her that her significant other truly loves her, Lois truly adores accepting the blossoms and makes a point to put them in plain view, so she can appropriately love them. 

The blossoms are excellent. They are each year and we pass on them there on the table since that is the place I invest a large portion of my energy – Lois continued.

The tradition, ‘a flower a year’ has been working pretty well for Melvin over the many years of marriage. Until this day, Melvin and Lous are still a loving, happy and strong couple, that currently live in Millmont, Pennsylvania.

What is Melvin’s best relationship advice? ‘You have to learn to give and take, and you have to put up with a lot that you normally wouldn’t put, but when love comes in question, you can and you must do it!

Watch the video below, of Melvin’s interview with his loved wife Lois.

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