Selfless Plumber Repairs Sick 91-Year-Old Woman’s Boiler For Free Before Christmas

Have you ever stop questioning your luck when you think of ‘I paid the bills and I finally have leftover money in my pocket’ only to hit with another costly repair? Maybe your transmission went out on your car, or your water heater stopped working. 

It’s these times that we wish we won the lottery. And someone older will hit you with a quote ‘That’s life’. In my opinion, I just wish that life can be a little kinder for someone’s pockets.

James Anderson, a long-time plumber from England, shares this same opinion. When he was called to work in a 91-year old lady’s house who was dealing with leukemia, taking money from that lady’s pocket was not an option for him. 

With her current state of health, age and retiree status, James Anderson decided to repair her broken boiler for free. And when the lady received the zero pound invoice she was stunned. 

On it read, ‘No charge under any circumstances for this lady, we’re going to be 24 hours available to help her, and keep her comfortable as much as we can’.

Her little girl was similarly as astonished, so amazed that she took the receipt to Facebook. Not long later, the post earned more than 30,000 preferences, 11,000 offers, and many remarks. 

Linda Berry commented, ‘Just proves that angels walk on earth’.

Despite the fact that this specific story circulated around the web, the 91-year-elderly person was only one of numerous individuals Anderson has assisted with his non-benefit work. The Burnley handyman has used perpetual time, vitality, and cash helping others in his locale with their in any case costly pipes related fixes. 

Actually, the handyman has strayed into the red on account of his free work, however luckily, he as of late brought $100,000 up in gifts to guarantee he’s ready to keep his non-profit running. 

For whatever length of time that Anderson keeps on getting gifts, he will have the option to satisfy more occupants in his locale. 

In the event that you have additional money lounging around in your bank, Anderson is at present gathering gifts to give free warming to 1,000 homes of older people this wintertime. 

“It would be ideal if you help us to help keep the old warm this winter by giving to our battle, and offer the crusade utilizing the hashtag #warmerhearts,” he partakes in the portrayal of his GoFundMe page. 

He is also looking for volunteers to help him with his winter mission.

We would likewise love to get notification from any handymen here and there the nation who might want to join our plan and volunteer their time. Kindly connect in the event that you need to get included!

Even if you are not able to donate, sharing this article can help James Anderson to receive the recognition that he deserves, and the contributions from other people that he relies on, to help the ones that are less fortunate and make their life a little easier.

‘I only hope that we’re going to be able to bring all communities together, for one reason all across the world, so that everybody who is disabled and/or elderly, not only in the UK, can benefit something from something like this in today’s society.

Anderson is a very amazing man. Take a look at the video below, if you want to learn more about this non-profit plumber.


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