Man Removes Snow Off His Roof With A Hammer And A Rope

While winter is bringing extra blankets, the holidays, and the excuse to have more hot chocolate than usual, it is also bringing a lot of snow. Snow is fun to play with and all that, but it gets everywhere. 

People must wipe it off their cars, use a shovel to get rid of it from the driveway, and sometimes even remove it from their roofs. And the video below in the article is all about that.

Getting rid of the snow from your roof can be quite hard, but sometimes even though we don’t want to, we have to remove it. In the video below, a man is showing how to get rid of the snow on your roof using a rope. Even though you can shovel it off the roof, it can be sometimes too hard because the snow gets thicker, and shoveling it off can take quite some time.

This method is very simple, and all you need is a rope and a hammer.

The clip begins with showing the roof of the house covered with snow. Then the man that’s standing on the roof throws a rope on the ground, that’s tied to a hammer on the end. After that, he’s throwing the rest of the rope over, and around the snow, before he gets down safely.

When he’s down on the ground, he begins pulling the rope, and immediately you can see snow falling in big quantities. Ensure you wear gloves, above all else in light of the fact that it’s cold, yet for the most part to abstain from getting a rope consume. 

The man keeps on pulling the rope for a couple of more seconds when a gigantic heap of snow slides off the rooftop. Layers and layers of snow tumble off effectively with only two or three pulls to the rope. The man, as should be obvious in the video, flees when the snow falls, so ensure you do that, as well. You need to maintain a strategic distance from heaps of snow falling over you.

The man is then doing the other side of his home, and then after pulling a couple of times, the snow pile starts to fall off the roof, there’s only a very thin layer left on the roof. He’s doing the same until the whole roof of the house is clean.

How to get rid of the huge amount of snow on your roof?

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And if you want to see how efficient this method is, take a look at the video below!


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