New Mom Has The Opportunity To Take Her Baby To Work After Maternity Leave Ends

New born babies are depending on their mothers. Not only that a baby’s earliest weeks, months and even years, are a critical time to get their necessities which are basic, met by their moms, and this is highly important bonding time for the child with her/his parents. 

According to these factors, it is not a surprise that a lot of new mothers find the 12 week period away from work is just too short to bond with their child, they need more time to be home and raise the child.

Emily Reed from Washington, is a new mother and she was set to return to work after six weeks of maternity leave. And when she thought that she was supposed to leave her six week old baby to a complete stranger to take care of it, and how expensive the childcare was, just made her sick to her stomach!

I was totally stressed about how expensive the childcare was, and a stranger taking care of my child freaked me out even more. It was pretty upsetting in our home, because of how high the cost was, but neither me nor my husband thought of leaving our baby in an infant-care near in our area. – said Emily.

Because of her concerns, Emily considered turning into a housewife for some time, despite the fact that her underlying arrangement was to make a beeline for work. Regardless, she concluded she would return to the monotonous routine after she conceived an offspring, however her stresses over her future child’s care remained. 

Following quite a while of feeling agitated at work, I at long last communicated my tension to my supervisor. Her first reaction? Simply carry her with you when you return! We can have an office infant!’ It was unfathomable. She must be joking! Be that as it may, she and nearly everybody in the workplace were so energized and strong and prepared for baby P to join the team!

On her first day back at work, Emily’s better half remained at home watching Baby Priscilla, so the mom could readjust back to her regular work schedule. From that point forward, Emily carried her child young lady to work with her each and every day. 

In spite of the fact that it was somewhat of a test thinking about a youthful child while focusing on work, the procedure got smoother as time went on. To make things simpler, colleagues watched out for the little one while Emily went to utilize the bathroom or required somewhat of a breather to truly concentrate on her work. 

While Emily’s work may have somewhat endured because of carrying her infant to work, her nature of work would have likely gone down further if the tensions of paying for costly childcare and the idea of her infant be dangerous in the hands of an outsider were all the while entering her thoughts repetitively.

The story of Emily sheds light on the controversial topic of parenting and maternity leave. Hopefully, all the fathers and mothers are going to have Emily’s opportunity if they choose to go on her path.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the rising cost of daycare:


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