Man Turns Old Ice Chests Into Cozy Homes For Stray Cats To Use In The Winter

Many of us are complaining during the colder months, about the weather. While we complain, countless homeless animals are roaming around without a warm shelter to stay, and hide themselves from the cruel elements of nature, but we’re lucky enough to avoid them.

A man from Ogden, Utah is constantly trying to make a change, and he’s trying in the most humane possible way. The ‘Batman of Ogden’ has a name, his name is Philip Rogich, and he discovered a very effective and affordable way to make cozy shelters for the stray cats. With items such as straw and ice chests, Rogich can keep these stray cats comfortable and warm during the cold winter months.

Straw was used for many centuries for bedding for animals, and that is only because it can dry out – explained Rogich.

Rogich idea is to use these old ice chests which would end up in in the landfills, and give these poor animals a warm place to stay, and for the coolers, he’s using only ones that are from a thrift shop or from donations. Therefore, while he is saving cats, he is also doing helping in our environment.

Rogich has been making these safe houses, which he calls “cat coolers,” since the weather got a little colder. He really wanted to consider all the wanderer kitties that would be battling once winter showed up. However, because of him, a few stray cats will be more joyful and cozier this season. 

Indeed, his objective during the current year is to make 250 cat coolers. ‘A few cats can fit inside these coolers – in some cases five or six’ – says Rogich. That implies on the off chance that he arrives at his objective, he’ll have the option to hold 500 to 1,500 cats warm! 

The Batman of Ogden has opened a fundraiser on Facebook, only to gather more money and make more cat coolers.

We are fund-raising and things to make winter covers for feral cats. You may have seen or heard our story which has made national news. We are utilizing old coolers that would wind up in the landfill (they don’t break down) to make our asylums. We take gifts of old coolers, ¾ inch pipe protection, and cash. – he explains.

Rogich is the perfect man to take for an example, of someone who doesn’t only wants to change something, but also wants to change himself!

Take a look at the video below and learn a lot more. If you’re willing to make a few cat coolers for the cats in your area, just check out Rogich on Facebook, and watch his tutorials.


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