Dad Makes His Daughter Walk 5 Miles To School In The Winter After She Bullies A Student

Bullying is a very sensitive topic. Not only that many of us have been bullied, or know someone that has been bullied, or witnessed bullied, but everybody has an opinion in regard to how bullying should be resolved.

There are people who believe that bullying can be prevented by bullying back or toughening up. While others believe that you shouldn’t fight fire with fire, and that a victim should immediately report bullying.

In my opinion, the biggest problem with bullying is the fact that countless cases, even when there’s clear evidence, are getting overlooked, and the bullies are getting away. It is just completely wrong when the parents of the bullies are denying their own children’s behavior, or in the worst case, defend them.

However, one parent named Matt Cox, decided to refuse his 10 year old daughter to get away with bullying another student from her class.

His daughter had just been commenced the school transport twice for harassing and was then restricted from taking the transport for three days. 

Friday when my daughter brought home her administrative work for her school suspension she stated, ‘Daddy you will need to take me to class one week from now. – Cox said in a video. 

A great deal of kids feel the things their folks accomplish for them is a privilege and not a benefit – for example, parents taking their kids to class in the first part of the day, or even transport rides to class in the first part of the day.

Since he felt the suspension wasn’t sufficient and that his 10-year-old hadn’t yet taken in her exercise, Cox chose to expand the discipline. For those three days, she’d been restricted from taking the transport, the dad made his daughter walk five miles to class and back in the driving rain, winter climate. 

“So today my lovely daughter is going to walk five miles to class in 36-degree climate. I know a great deal of you parents won’t agree with this, however that is okay,” said the dad. 

For her security, Cox made his daughter wear proper clothing for the winter season and gradually drove behind her to ensure she’d make it to her goal. By the by, the long walk and the bone chilling air would show his daughter the benefit of getting taken to class by a vehicle and give her a lot of time to consider her tormenting conduct. 

Although many may discover the discipline appalling, the dad felt it was essential: ‘Let me make this amazingly clear: Bullying is unsatisfactory, particularly in my family unit.’

At last, the discipline was a triumph. Actually, he later altered his post and included the accompanying: 

UPDATE: Exercise learned! Still has every one of her furthest points unblemished is healthy and happy, and appears to have another attitude toward harassing just as another gratefulness for a portion of the straightforward things in life she used to underestimate #HOLDOURKIDSACCOUNTABLE #STOPBULLYING

Even though some people will call Cox being a bully for punishing his daughter the way he did, the important part is that parents must step in when their child is bullying someone else.

School representatives should also be involved in solving these problems, and the parents to be more responsible for what their child does at school, be punished if needed, learns their lesson, and never tries to bully again!

Take a look at the video below and hear the story:

Life lessons!!!!UPDATE: lesson learned! Still has all her extremities intact is happy and healthy and seems to have a new outlook on bullying as well as a new appreciation for some of the simple things in life she used to take for granted #HOLDOURKIDSACOUNTABLE #STOPBULLYING

Posted by Matt Cox on Monday, December 3, 2018


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