Dad Teaches Daughter Lesson About Bullying When He Takes Her Victim Shopping Instead Of Her

If you were ever bullied in your life, you surely know how damaging it can be to your self-esteem. You get anxious when you see your bully coming your way, whether it’s at your work place, or your school campus, or even at the shopping mall. 

And you know how painful it can be for someone to say horrible things to you for no reason. And no matter how many blessings we have, the negativity from bullying sometimes overpowers us and everything good that we have going on in our life!

It is very hard to understand how awful it is, if you have never been bullied. Randy Smalls, is a father from South Carolina, and he knows and he has felt how it is to be bullied when he was a kid, however his daughter Re’Onna, wasn’t like him and she became a bully herself.

When her father found out that his daughter is bullying another girl in her school just because she was ‘unfashionable’ and ‘poor’, right away he knew that he had to step up for the girl and set things right, as they should be.

The dad thought of the ideal plan. As opposed to taking his little girl on a shopping binge the next end of the week, he would be taking her injured individual, Ryan Reese, shopping. Along these lines, 13-year-old Re’Onna would be contrarily strengthened for her terrible conduct while the honest young lady his little girl tormented would be remunerated. 

In this way, Ryan and her mom, alongside Re’Onna’s dad, took off to the shopping center where he burned through many dollars on the person in question. Indeed, even Re’Onna had to follow along. From the outset, Re’Onna resented her father for the discipline he picked, yet at last, she comprehended it was the proper activity and in the long run apologized to Ryan. 

After everything occurred, I’m happy that we did this since she required that help – Re’Onna admitted. 

Re’Onna additionally got an opportunity to converse with her injured individual, discovering things that they share for all intents and purpose. In any case, regrettably, she discovered that Ryan as of late lost her granddad, father, and auntie.

In this way, the whole time Re’Onna was slamming Ryan for her “humiliating” attire and “low financial class,” much to her dismay that she was harming a young lady who had just experienced such a lot of heartbreak and had been experiencing depression. It demonstrates that you never truly comprehend what somebody is experiencing until you really find a workable pace. 

As I would see it, I think Randy had the ideal response. In addition to the fact that he taught his little girl a truly necessary exercise, however he helped lift the domineering jerk unfortunate casualty in the most ideal manner he thought conceivable. 

A shopping binge and an expression of remorse from the domineering jerk may not eradicate all the awful things Ryan has had said or done to her, yet it surely could have given her the conclusion she expected to excuse the harasser and push ahead with her life on a positive note.

Fortunately, the punishment worked well. Re’Onna told her dad that she would never in her life bully again. We can only hope that she will only help others however she can, while being humble for the things that she was lucky enough to have.

Learn more about this story, by listening to the interview with Randy, Re’Onna, Ryan’s mother Richauna, and Ryan.


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