This Artificial Kidney Could Eliminate The Need For Kidney Dialysis

It’s very important to take good care of your kidneys, since they have the role of these powerful chemical factories in your body.

These organs as we said perform very vital roles, such as filtering and regulating minerals from the blood, filtering waste materials, producing hormones which are needed for the red cell production, maintaining overall fluid balance, bone health, and a stable blood pressure.

If they fail for some reason, they will not be able to filter the waste products from the blood, therefore these waste products will start accumulating in the blood, which will lead to a chemical imbalance in your body.

The only available option in case of an end-stage kidney failure, is a kidney transplant.

And the list of people waiting fir a kidney transplant in the U.S. has more than 100,000 people, and the average wait-time for a kidney transplant is between 3 and 5 years.

While patients are waiting for a transplant, they are put on dialysis, which can perform some of the healthy kidney actions. However, when a person is not able to get a kidney donation, they must be on dialysis for the rest of their lives, and the average life expectancy is from 5 to 10 years.

Each day, 13 people lose their lives waiting for a kidney transplant.

As a result of this, researchers are working very hard to find a better solution to this problem, and The Kidney Project might actually solve this problem with this organ shortage!

The project was launched by Shuvo Roy from the University of California, San Francisco and William Fissell from Vanderbilt University.

It is using live kidney cells together with 15 specialized microchips which are controlled by the heart to act as filters, and also perform the actions of a normal and healthy kidney.

They are holding living kidney (renal) cells which will eventually grow around the chip, therefore imitate a healthy kidney.

Roy explained:

The implantable bioartificial kidney is an option in contrast to dialysis and other remotely wearable gadgets that would tie patients or farthest point their portability. 

A live kidney transplant from a coordinating contributor is as yet thought to be extraordinary compared to other treatment choices for ESRD, however shockingly, there is a deficiency of organ benefactors that keeps transplants from being accessible to most by far of ESRD patients.

In contrast to transplants, our gadget won’t necessitate that patients be on immunosuppressive medications to forestall dismissal.

The counterfeit kidney is embedded into the body with a typical medical procedure, and it can dependably recognize squander synthetic compounds and required supplements. 

It is accepted to work superior to dialysis and is viewed as an increasingly lasting, and more compelling arrangement than dialysis and a genuine kidney transplant. 

Roy included that the long haul difficulties of their development ‘base on keeping the gadget working difficulty free after implantation past a couple of months.’

Aside from $6 million in government gives, the task has additionally gotten significant gifts from people. 

Roy added:

Their support is a testament to the real need for a revolution in ESRD treatment, and the donations we’ve received cannot be valued in allowing our research to succeed!

However, we can only hope that it is going to target three big issues at the very same time national health care expenses, the need for dialysis, and the organ shortage crisis.


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