Man Transforms Old Tires Into Adorable Little Beds For Animals

Each year, there are billions of tons of garbage, which ends up in the landfills and oceans.

In order to reduce these numbers, a young man from Brazil, named Amarildo Silva Filho, 23 years old, has developed a very simple and useful hobby for sustainability. 

He is working as a cashier by day, but by night he is a craftsman.

Amarildo 2 years ago, was looking to find a way and make some extra money for himself, using the trash that people are throwing on the streets. Then he remembered that the old tires are being used as a refuge by the dogs, that are homeless. Then he thought of a nice idea, that he could give them that feeling of a home!

He started to collect discarded tires, and he was using them to make eco-friendly, and very comfortable beds for animals. That way he was earning some extra cash, gave the animals a very good place to sleep, and cared for the well-being of our environment.

After successfully turning the first tire into an animal bed, this quickly became his mission to make even more, and since then he has crafted more than 6,000 animal beds!

He is gathering every tire that he can find on the streets and in the landfills, and his family is helping him. This young man has also received tires as donations, and also he has bought them in bulk.

He at that point cautiously cuts and cleans them, paints delightful structures on them, and includes some conveying lashes and a comfortable sleeping pad – which he sews himself – for the animals to twist up on. 

He wants to compose the name of the animal to whom the bed will have a place with. 

He began selling these beds on his Instagram, and they turned out to be mainstream to the point, that he has sold in excess of 500 tire-beds in only two years! 

Despite the fact that he has various solicitations from Europe, North America, and Asia, he presently just conveys to Brazilian locations. You can discover his organization, Caominhada Pets, on Facebook. 

Consequently, his side interest immediately turned into a business, and one that is eco-and pet-accommodating! 

One man’s junk is another man’s fortune, so Amarildo Silva is presently transforming others’ garbage into charming little beds for animals on and off the roads. 

He believes that ‘the best way to do a good job is to love what you do.’

He’s collecting all the tires that he can find.

He is cleaning the tires well.

His decorations are very cute.

Everybody loves these custom made pet beds!

Pets love them.

A skilled craftsman turned into a businessman!

His hobby is to minimize the waste, and also produce containers and flowerpots from reusable materials.

His handwork is breathtaking.

This lovely young man is also taking care of abandoned animals, and is holding educational talks in schools in order to raise the awareness to the younger generations.

Tire talk.


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