11 Health Dangers Of Sitting Too Long, And How It’s Slowly Crippling Your Body

Scientists are constantly warning us about the risks of prolonged sitting. The sedentary lifestyles that we live, mixed with everyday stress, have a serious impact on our health, so a lot of people have developed different conditions as a result of it.

We sit behind the desk at work, when we come home we sit in front of the TV to watch our favorite show, our kids also sit while they watch a movie, and most of us are not exercising, and we go everywhere by car.

Do we need to add anything more?

Prolonged sitting, is known as sedentary behavior, might dramatically impact our health, and can cause numerous health issues like type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and sometimes premature death.

This very unhealthy behavior is very commonly compared to smoking, due to the negative effects, and some scientists even claim that ‘sitting is the new smoking’.

According to Edward R. Laskowski, M.D:

Any extended sitting, for example, at a work area, behind a wheel or before a screen – can be harmful. An investigation of 13 investigations of sitting time and movement levels found that the individuals who sat for over eight hours every day with no physical action had a danger of kicking the bucket like the dangers of passing on presented by corpulence and smoking.

The human body is intended to stand upstanding, and right now, its organs are progressively effective. Genuinely dynamic individuals have more grounded bones, have more vitality and perseverance, and are commonly a lot more advantageous. 

Here are 11 reasons why you should avoid sitting for too long:

1. Drawn out sitting raises the danger of colon, lung, and endometrial malignant growth, and more seasoned ladies that lead inactive ways of life are at an expanded danger of bosom disease.

2. An examination distributed in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine demonstrated that regardless of whether they work out, individuals who sit for a really long time have a higher danger of premature death.

3. Delayed sitting hinders everything in the body, even the capacity of the mind. The less we move, the less crisp blood and oxygen get siphoned into the cerebrum, and this lessens the arrival of synthetic concoctions and profitability.

4. As we sit, our abs begin to release, the hip flexors abbreviate, and the legs become more fragile. It likewise causes poor equalization and steadiness and raises the danger of wounds and bone cracks.

5. Siting can likewise prompt weight, as 30% more calories are singed while standing, and as indicated by Tel Aviv University specialists, sitting for a really long time can create greasy tissue cells known as preadipocyte cells.

6. Drawn out sitting prompts expanded glucose levels, and even an adjustment in the manner in which our body responds to insulin, in the end prompting diabetes.

7. Individuals whose activity requires sitting have expanded pace of coronary illness, as their muscles consume less fat and the blood stream is eased back down, prompting unsaturated fats develop.

8. Insulin is delivered by our pancreas, and this hormone encourages convey glucose to our cells for vitality. At the point when inert, our body doesn’t react appropriately to the arrival of insulin, and this organ becomes over-beneficial.

9. Lengthened sitting can likewise expand the danger of herniated lumbar circles, because of the expanded weight on the spine. 

According to Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. – When you sit, you twist the characteristic bend of the spine, which implies your back muscles need to plan something for hold your back fit as a fiddle since you’re never again utilizing the regular bends of the spine to lift yourself facing gravity.

10. Elongated sitting, might cause poor body posture and neck pain.

11. Idleness makes an irregularity of the soft disks between the vertebrae, and they become kept from significant supplements. Collagen, that underpins the spine, solidifies around the ligaments, and hence diminishes the adaptability of the back and causes stiffening.

Therefore, all of us need to make some necessary changes, and prevent the damage that prolonged sitting is causing to our body. Start walking, start practicing yoga, go for a small walk in your office, or stretch every hour or two at work.

The effects of movement are going to be profound. The body is going to start burning a lot more calories, which will lead to more weight loss and more energy, your muscles will become more toned, and your mental health is going to be boosted, and the whole body is going to be healthier and stronger!


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