High School Hosts ‘Adulting Day’ To Teach Students How To Cook, Clean And Change A Tire

If you’re still a student in high-school, then you’re probably fed up with the lessons about life after graduation and after college. On the other hand, if you’re a parent, you’re probably feeling the pressure to pass all the knowledge that you have to your children to properly adapt to this very new stage of life.

There’s no doubt that there is a gap in the education, so a lot of children nowadays are ending up completely unprepared for college. Before, there were school programs that were teaching children some basic life skills like plumbing, ironing, car maintenance, cleaning, and cooking, which sadly isn’t the case with today’s generations.

However, all of these life skills are very valuable in life, and they ease the transition to college, also help students to feel a lot more confident and secure to succeed.

So, the Lumpkin County High School in Georgia, has a separate day, known as the ‘Adulting Day’, where teachers are teaching the seniors to become self-sufficient.

Senior Grace Wikle was more than happy to learn how to change her car tire, and explained that she took ‘AP World, AP Language, AP Environmental Science, and then apart from that, five more courses at the college.

high school hosts adulting day to teach students how to cook clean and change a tire1 High School Hosts ‘Adulting Day’ To Teach Students How To Cook, Clean And Change A Tire

Today, there are countless DIY videos on YouTube, but students have admitted that learning them in real life, has made them focus a lot more on it.

Principal Billy Kirk invited experts to teach their specialization areas to the students, from CPR to chicken cooking and said:

We’re attempting to show kids genuine models. So when they graduate, not exclusively are they school prepared, however they’re life prepared. 

I have two young men who go to this school. (They are) 18 and 17. I’m humiliated to state if my children stalled out in the downpour today with a punctured tire, they most likely wouldn’t realize how to fix it.

About a year prior, Kirk went over a feature about a school in Kentucky that executed a comparative day to show understudies fundamental abilities. 

He was very excited, that even during the Christmas break, he texted an assistant principal:

We have to do this.

While this is an extraordinary thought, the principle obligation regarding setting up the youngster for this present reality despite everything stays on the guardians. Previously, kids were increasingly engaged with family errands and support works, so they took in the aptitudes they need since early on. 

However, it has demonstrated advantageous for youngsters to have more duties to burn through their effort on. Truth be told, they will value being dealt with like adults.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to teach your children the life skills that are going to help them thrive. That way, the new student is going to be able to face many challenges that come with every new phase of life, and they are also going to be foundational skills needed in the entire adult life. 

Make sure to teach your children things such as money and time management, car management, laundry, basic cooking, to relieve his burden and support him during the countless changes that await them in the following period of their lives.


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